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  1. joelbc1

    Religious right doing it’s thing

    All in the name of Jesus! Praise the Lord!
  2. joelbc1

    The Doors were one of the very best rock bands of all time

    Poe didn’t halve the support staff Morrison did . ;)
  3. joelbc1

    IOWA Loses 2021 NCAA Division I Swimming & Diving Championships & the $1.5 million Economic impact

    NCAA sports are “non-profits” LW... funding as many other sports teams is the function of colkege football... how else do you spend the money?
  4. joelbc1

    OT: No More Rose Bowl in Pasadena??

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  5. joelbc1

    Religious right doing it’s thing

    But he claims the deductions...
  6. joelbc1

    I'm a Democrat and have been getting emails from Trump and his campaign

    I have gotten recorded phone calls from my Fuhrer.... err, my President for 3-4 months now. Never have gotten past “This is Don....”!
  7. joelbc1

    Elton John rescheduled for DSM!

    For March.......2022! I think we are opting for the refund at this time! Wow... kind of a disappointment.
  8. joelbc1

    Trumps Potential SCOTUS nominee belongs to a Cult

    Welcome back OiT... with some of your best bullshit ever blazing! you seldom sisappoint.
  9. joelbc1

    Oktoberfest seems a lot like RAGBRAI of old...

    Since there is no “Oktoberfest” this year... when was the vid taken? Or perhaps it was taken somewhere else other than Munich? my two experiences at Oktoberfest make me think it’s as much fun as a one can gave keeping their clothes on... way too much drinking for sure but everyone has a good...
  10. joelbc1

    Kirk Douglas' best movies

    Seven Days was relevant when it was released, too....Right wing looks have been part of the American political scene for decades.
  11. joelbc1

    The Doors were one of the very best rock bands of all time

    Morrison was a big talent no doubt. However Jim was one sick, drug ridden son bitch the last few years of his life. Morrison had a talented group of musicians around him, too. Jim had potential to be much more than he was but he never got to Stones or Beatles status. Morrison’s music career...
  12. joelbc1

    The Doors were one of the very best rock bands of all time

    I have personally placed my chewing gum on the tree adjacent to his final resting place in Paris. One of the busiest sites at Pere La Chaise. he, Janice, Jimy H..... what wastes of talent!
  13. joelbc1

    DO vs MD

    If you can find a DO who has “manipulation training” (today, most have not), your money up! It is amazing what a bend/pop/aaahhhh! Can do for one’s body! I have had both as “primary docs”....and the best primary doc I ever had was a DO. My current primary doc is an MD, who is very very good, though.
  14. joelbc1

    RIP in Peace Gayle Sayers

    Jerry was better than the AD allowed him to be. Evy “dried up” a lot of the program from outside once he became AD. It’s not like Burns couldn’t coach...or forgot how to coach. He just could procure the talent his boss did as FB coach. Burns went on to have a fine coaching career in the NFL.
  15. joelbc1

    Civil War: The Way America Could End In 2020 By Glenn Beck

    As has my President. Trump will say stuff so damned ridiculous and much of the media just reports it and allows him to treat it as fact. The media has enabled the Trump lies and the liars agenda.
  16. joelbc1

    With less than a week until first debate, anyone still undecided?

    What is the “over/under” for Trump lies in the opening statements given by the candidates?
  17. joelbc1

    What the heck happened in Grinnell?

    Ah is Lynnville in Poweshiek too? My bad if so but believe me Jasper has more than it share of meth too.
  18. joelbc1

    McConnell Gets Key Vote Locked In For Justice

    As was Reagan in 1988.
  19. joelbc1

    Your Most Despised College Football Team/Program.

    I have many times. Again, dont take my Seminole disdain personal.....just understand you guys are not universally loved or admired. Sorry I disappoint you.
  20. joelbc1

    What the heck happened in Grinnell?

    Lots of meth in Jasper County, Iowa. Been a problem there for decades. Ever since Maytag moved has gotten very popular.