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  1. SoFla-Hawkeye

    So We're Going To Impeach A President Due To Judicial Appointments?

    Hillary’s emails on line 1
  2. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Jake Gardener dead

    Bye coward
  3. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Americans Know What Time It Is

    Now if we could just get tRump to work on the Hatfields and McCoys maybe America could have peace ☮️
  4. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Silent majority is pissed

    Thank goodness tRump is a billionaire and so willing to put his money where his mouth is. Along with a couple of Big Macs of course.
  5. SoFla-Hawkeye

    ***** Schedule Reveal Thread: Sep 19, 9AM on FOX. Game #9 at UNI Dome? Nebraska on Black Friday? MSU & PSU the Crossovers? *****

    They should be happy. Their 20NextYear Year of the Husker t-shirts get to be worn again.
  6. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Ready for the weekend?

    Dudes take a shower and say hope I get laid tonight. Chicks take a shower and say I’m getting laid tonight. BIG difference.
  7. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Ready for the weekend?

    I knew a guy in NL who once put peanut butter on his peter and let his dog lick it off. Not sure if it matters but he was also a cyclone fan. Oh, and some free advice. Do NOT use Peter Pan peanut butter. That guy could never walk down the street without someone cracking a gay joke.
  8. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Tik Tok ban starting Sunday

    Same reason I have my wife (no pics) take away the cell phones as punishment and I give them back. tRump thinks good cop/bad cop is the same guy.
  9. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Virginia governor in favor of executing babies after birth

    So the governor of Virginia is pro death penalty. As a Republican isn’t tRump pro death penalty too?
  10. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Your latest Right Wing Watch Update

    She had me right up to the point where I saw the photoshopped demons. Those are photoshopped, right?
  11. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Trump to announce 11 Billion in relief aide for Puerto Rico

    Desperate desperado
  12. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Early voting in Virginia

    America has been voting by mail since the civil war. 159 years with few problems until the orange piece of shit arrived on the scene. But yes, we should make it harder to vote.
  13. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Houston v Baylor cancelled tomorrow

    B1G is headed this way. Unrealistic protocols put in place with zero wiggle room for make up dates.
  14. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Johnston Hy-Vee is NOT going to be 100% self checkout after all!

    Scan every other item. Problem solved. I have fed my family for an entire week on less than $10.00 just by scanning Twix and Butterfingers.
  15. SoFla-Hawkeye

    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    Student athletes. Have they been attending classes?
  16. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Houston v Baylor cancelled tomorrow

    Virginia v Virginia Tech and FAU v Georgia Southern as well
  17. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Early voting in Virginia

    Virginia requires 2 forms of identification. A state issued ID and something like a passport/utility bill/bank statement.
  18. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Early voting in Virginia

    Just saw a person interviewed who got in line at 8:45 this morning. They just voted. They were in line 2 hours and 45 minutes. The line outside that polling station is now over 200 yards long. Same polling station that has a 90 minute wait once you've entered the building.
  19. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Early voting in Virginia

    Many churches are used as polling stations
  20. SoFla-Hawkeye

    Early voting in Virginia

    Those dates came from a flyer I received in the mail. Read it and trashed it. Thanks to @Huey Grey I actually checked the Broward County elections website. Wish I still had the flyer to see who paid for it.