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  1. FSUTribe76

    Voting: Why shouldn't there be a test/minimum requirement?

    So the only problem with that (and trust me I’m 100,000% on board with you about how both parties blow and need to be limited) is that you’d end up only wealthy individuals who could afford to essentially self-fund their campaign.
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    #100pages FSU Natty

    In case anyone still thought 2020 was a great year.....Bobby Bowden is in the hospital.
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    Is there anything better than a well-crafted margarita on the rocks with lots of salt while watching the sun set in Florida?

    Nope, only Hawaii. But I’d swamp the Margarita for an authentic original Trader Vic’s Mai Tai (so not Trader Vic mix with rum but following the original recipe), a true original lemon only daiquiri, an Aviation or even some G&Ts with a little lime juice.
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    Who was your favorite Magnificent Seven character?

    My favorite character from Magnificent Seven is Valkyrie.
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    Six Chicago pizzerias make list of the 101 best pizzas in America

    Lots of new locations in this iteration, I know because I’ve hit up usually about 2/3s of the old list and I’ve only hit up about half or maybe even less of this new one. Just a couple of comments on first scan through. 1) I agree with the foodie chorus that Frank Pepe’s is the best pizza in...
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    Cities I’d like to visit.

    But speaking of international spots, there’s no place I can think of in the world either that I’ve been to or that I’ve learned about that 10 out 10 for all categories I care about on vacation which are 1) Photo Opportunities/Views whether drive up vista points, shots of downtown, unusual rock...
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    Chris Rock blames the democrats for letting the pandemic reach America while they were too busy on impeachment

    Last time I checked, Drumpf was actually impeached. It’s now him, Bill and Andrew Johnson. He wasn’t removed from office because Moscow Mitch was too in the tank for his fellow traitor but Drumpf forever and always will be impeached.
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    So seriously, why is there still no WH response to Russia putting bounties on US troops?

    Because everything you just said is a lie told by Drumpf and not the truth.
  9. FSUTribe76

    So seriously, why is there still no WH response to Russia putting bounties on US troops?

    Yes I have, over and over again. You just refuse to accept it because Drumpf told you differently.
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    So seriously, why is there still no WH response to Russia putting bounties on US troops?

    Here ya go nitwit. A complete breakdown of the Russian bounty situation and why Drumpf has remained inactive written by a recent former head attorney for the Department of Defense as well as the intelligence services...
  11. FSUTribe76

    So seriously, why is there still no WH response to Russia putting bounties on US troops?

    You really are that level of stupid. Just because Drumpf’s top military generals are using carefully crafted nondenial-denials like the “evidence isn’t 100% conclusive” while all of them still say it’s an open investigation and they are “concerned” doesn’t mean this isn’t an issue. The CIA...
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    Cities I’d like to visit.

    I do some international travel (mainly Canada, Europe, Mexico and Caribbean but I have been with my wife to New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji and Australia and without my wife in the past to China, Vietnam and Japan) but there are others who have definitely traveled abroad more. My wife and I decided to...
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    Anyone have their own tortilla press?

    Technically, I get most (80-90%) of my beef from either directly from 1) Deep Roots Ranch in Greenville FL which has 100% forage fed, no pesticide or nutritional supplementation, Black Angus cattle who eat exclusive indigo, field pea, millet, Bahia grass and sorghum in large open rotating fields...
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    Spot the (Russian) troll

    I got it right. I’m sure there are plenty of Magats on here who just regurgitate Russian Bots without any critical thinking. But I don’t think they themselves are, they’re just Polezni Durak or “useful idiots” to the Russians. And of course Lil Willie Bonnie and some of his other iterations...
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    Yes you did miss my outrage on those. I’m hardly a fan of extrajudicial killings by Americans not just Americans (as I see no difference between murdering our own and murdering innocent foreign people). But Drumpf has not only ratchets those killings up by large margins but he said the quiet...
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    This hasn’t remotely been proven false. Even Drumpf’s political appointees just say there’s “deeply concerning evidence” but say it isn’t conclusive. Meanwhile the entirety of the rank and file intelligence agencies say they 100% proved it by showing direct financial transfers from Russian...
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    Bunker Boy’s boyfriend Putie Put’s money also helped kill these Americans Luis F. DeLeon-Figueroa Army Master Sgt. Luis F. DeLeon-Figueroa, 31, was one of two Green Berets killed Aug. 21 in northern Faryab province by small-arms fire. DeLeon-Figueroa was assigned to the 7th Special Forces...
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    More American’s killed with money from Drumpf’s best friend Putin Benjamin S. Hines Marine Staff Sgt. Benjamin S. Hines, 31, of York, Pa., died April 8 in a car bomb explosion outside Bagram Airfield. He was assigned to the 25th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division and was on his second...