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  1. LuciousBDragon

    Interesting take on BLM and pro sports by Jason Whitlock

    Thanks for sharing. Lots of truth right there. ESPN would never let Whitlock come close to sharing that on air.
  2. LuciousBDragon

    Ring’s latest security camera is a drone that flies around inside your house

    Thoughts?!?!? Skynet is thinking it’s almost self-aware!
  3. LuciousBDragon

    New poll finds voters under 30 are motivated — and the economy looms larger than ever for them

    Interesting. It took Harvard to do a poll to say that young people may be more inclined to vote this year and also enjoy money. College of Duh must have conducted this study.
  4. LuciousBDragon

    University tells white students

    If the university is doing it’s job, then it should not need to cancel classes. If the university is promoting diversity, open mindedness, civic discussion, and civil discourse then it should be a prime opportunity to have these discussions in a classroom setting this week. Further, the...
  5. LuciousBDragon

    Weight lifting thread/advice

    One cock push-up a day should help. He’ll never know when he might need to f*** his way out of a situation:
  6. LuciousBDragon

    Gun carriers..what differences have you made in 2020?

    I upgraded all of my eyehole booby-traps to Magnums.
  7. LuciousBDragon

    Election Rage - What not to do

    Regardless which side you are on, be sure to rage with caution. When flipping off opposing protesters while operating a motor vehicle, be sure to firmly keep your foot on the break or put your car in park.
  8. LuciousBDragon


    Good call on Crown Royal bags. I once found one of my mom’s sex toys inside a crown royal bag. They are good for that. Pretty sure I should have gone to therapy after that. I also find Crown Royal to be especially pleasing. CSB
  9. LuciousBDragon

    POLL: Worst-Handled Crises of This Millennium

    Several come to mind: - 2010 Iowa Hawkeye punt coverage vs Wisconsin - 1999 Brandi Chastain & USWNT World Cup "debracle" - 2006 Outback Bowl officiating crew - 2014 Obama "tan suit" chaos - 1962 weirdos tried to put some missiles and stuff on an island near us
  10. LuciousBDragon

    Stanley Cup Final

    Soon there won’t be any ice left to play hockey on thanks to the damn right-wing Nazi’s running our government and stupid Trump who denies science and accelerates climate change! .........someone had to make the thread political.
  11. LuciousBDragon

    Florida Gov De Whiner trying to shit all over 1st Amendment

    Good call! Those morons have never read the part that guarantees your right and my right to harass people in public spaces!!! Harassment today, harassment tomorrow, and harassment forever!
  12. LuciousBDragon

    The UAE-Bahrain-Israel accords are a big step — in the wrong direction

    JMO, what is crazy is not to consider prophecy as part of the bigger picture and see the various motivations. Prophecy, afterall, has an excellent track record. Many scholars today see the powers that be in the Middle East lining up together against Iran and potentially Turkey. Prophecy...
  13. LuciousBDragon

    The UAE-Bahrain-Israel accords are a big step — in the wrong direction

    This is another minor step to fulfilling more Biblical prophecy.
  14. LuciousBDragon

    Alligator tries to eat turtle but does not eat it

    Alligators. Nature’s quitters
  15. LuciousBDragon

    Do You Use A Tire Gauge When Airing Tires?

    So on a whim I used it one time and I was amazed to see your Mom measured out at over 80 psi.
  16. LuciousBDragon

    American Car Culture. Does It Even Exist Any More?

    I’d say it is alive and well except, and like all things that men touch, it has been perverted:
  17. LuciousBDragon

    Sous Vide recommendations

    Sous Vide is so 2019. Multi-axis grilling is the future.
  18. LuciousBDragon

    Do you care about the abortion issue?

    I think it should remain a hot issue, maybe not the top issue, but should always be in the top five. There is a lot we still do not fully understand about the full lifecycle of abortion. By that I mean we still have a lot of work to do to quantify the indirect consequences of abortion. The...