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  1. ctghawk

    Will you care as much about Iowa Football going forward?

    I haven't been to game in almost 20 years, so I probably don't count. However, I've been on a steep dive for pro sports (hockey is all I still watch), and a longer slower decline for college sports. The recent decision regarding athletes selling their image was huge to me, and now the recent...
  2. ctghawk

    Favorite Hawkeyes in your lifetime

    1- Tim Dwight 2- Bob Sanders 3- TJ Hockenson 4- Tavian Banks 5- Pat Angerer 6- Jared Devries 7- Sedrick Shaw 8- Larry Station 9- Merton Hanks 10- Reggie Roby This is an impossible task, and this list is only good for 30 minutes, except for 1 and 2, although they may switch.
  3. ctghawk

    ****** It’s Saturday- whatcha drinking? ******

    Dos Equus Lager
  4. ctghawk

    “The Mule”

    I chose Clint for my deserted island movie choice.
  5. ctghawk

    Good news from 9th Circus Court

    Never thought I'd see the day when adhering to the Constitution was considered activist, but here we are.
  6. ctghawk

    Good news from 9th Circus Court
  7. ctghawk

    Fried Pork Tenderloin, one thing Iowa is the best at

    I saw that hs when I was there in 1984. Had completely forgotten about it.
  8. ctghawk

    Is Newsom serious?

    I think we used to have places like that, but they were all closed as inhumane. (had grandparents who both worked at one,)
  9. ctghawk

    Is Newsom serious?
  10. ctghawk

    Fried Pork Tenderloin, one thing Iowa is the best at

    That looks fantastic. Haven't seen one of those for 40 years:( Anybody know where I can get one in Cedar Rapids? Coming back for a wedding in June.....
  11. ctghawk

    1/4 of all tweets about climate change are produced by bots.

    What this doesn't consider is the opinions of those who don't have a Twitter account. What % of Americans are not tweeting?
  12. ctghawk

    Which one of you vagabonds is this?

    Who hasn't done that?!
  13. ctghawk

    Name a reason to date foreign women

    Genetic blending
  14. ctghawk

    Don’t mince words. Trump is abetting an attack on our country.

    Yawnnnnnnnn Rinse, repeat
  15. ctghawk


    We've been to Bend once, but it's not our thing. It's beautiful and has great beer, but seemed to be growing too fast. Traffic was hideous- 30 miles north of town it was still stop/ go, bumper to bumper. Seemed like lots of big $$ moving in. If you're into hiking Smith Rock is pretty unique. If...
  16. ctghawk

    Climate change has stolen more than a billion tons of water from the West’s most vital river

    Kalifornia has alot of electrical power supply problems, and desal plants require lots of it.
  17. ctghawk

    Who Are the Atheists Voting For?

    We’re gonna have to disagree on that one too.
  18. ctghawk


    I hate Portland and Seattle. And when the big one hits off the coast, I’ll be high and dry.
  19. ctghawk


    Not many- low population areas. Most of the good wine regions though.