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  1. Rifler

    The Doors were one of the very best rock bands of all time

    Give the Stones a serious listen again,... their biggest failing is that they stayed around too long...
  2. Rifler

    One question??

    Pssssst,.. they don't.
  3. Rifler

    Trump nails it!!!

    That's not scheduled until later today...
  4. Rifler

    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    I support black lives,.. I do not support BLM, the organization,.. never have.
  5. Rifler

    California Gov. signs order banning sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035

    This will require massive investments in both electrical generation and distribution,... in a state that sees rolling blackouts as the norm...
  6. Rifler

    Murkowski Appears More Open To Confirming Nominee

    This is the chance of a lifetime for conservatives and I think that Romney and Murkowski see that...
  7. Rifler

    Dr Birx update

    Just wait two weeks...
  8. Rifler

    Confidence in a Covid Vaccine Plummets

    Worse than that,... Polls of the non-educated public are now viewed as an acceptable driver of public policy...
  9. Rifler

    Confidence in a Covid Vaccine Plummets

    A lot of people don't care about a vaccine because it's becoming obvious that the virus isn't as big a deal as they were led to believe...
  10. Rifler

    With less than a week until first debate, anyone still undecided?

    Yes, still undecided about voting the presidential ticket at all...
  11. Rifler

    Moving on a Supreme Nominee

    This country can't risk going into the upcoming election cycle with only eight justices,... a Trump nominee is the only way to prevent the potential nightmare scenario that could unfold...
  12. Rifler

    Lindsey Graham might lose his race

  13. Rifler

    Rep. Collins vows to push constitutional amendment to delay court expansion

    Constitutional amendment?,... political masterbation...
  14. Rifler

    On July 17, 2020, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Announced She Had Cancer Again. It's pretty obvious Now that she should have Stepped Down in July or Even Sooner

    Ruth should have stepped down under Obama, but she wanted to make a feminine statement by holding out for Hillary,.. Then when Trump won the presidency she moved to plan "C" which involved trying to outlive Trump's administration,.. Just ran out of time...
  15. Rifler

    Trump to block U.S. downloads of TikTok, WeChat on Sunday - officials

    Apparently you don't think much of college kids....
  16. Rifler

    If you remove man's convoluted religion and religious procedure and just focused on Jesus' message

    Most religions are framed around a good idea,... Unfortunately people get involved and then a good idea gets turned into a business...
  17. Rifler

    Are re-education camps too far off?

    And neither does the never ending drum beat of our exaggerated short comings,.. Pendulums swing both ways..
  18. Rifler

    Humans Wiped Out Two-Thirds of the World’s Wildlife in 50 Years

    If we really want to save the planet we have to control the human population,... are we ready to go there?
  19. Rifler

    Reynolds defends using coronavirus funds for staff pay

    No,.. I wouldn't say that.
  20. Rifler

    The fundamental differences between the left and right--the importance of self control/personal accountability

    Quick, take some aspirin and you might snap back...