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    Kamala Harris is ready for the debates

    Nothing to figure, and if you had proof, you would have spilled your guts out. You guys spew bs with no proof. Sad
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    If you met this same lady today...Would ja?

    Pretty sick post.
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    Kamala Harris is ready for the debates

    That doesn't even make sense.
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    Kamala Harris is ready for the debates

    The other poster couldn't deliver and neither can you. You ought to be more concerned with your wonderful trump's sexual encounters and adultery on all of his three wives. Sad
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    Trump is calling for the AOC, Ilhan Omar, and, Rashida Tialib to be prosecuted during rally.

    The hypocrite trump accusing of anyone of spending 2 million on bullshit is pretty dumb funny stupid crazy and saying if a republican did that they'd be in jail while he's still residing in the WH unless of course he's spending multi multi millions of tax payer money on which to many of us is...
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    Kamala Harris is ready for the debates

    Name them. Link to her skeletons, or more right wing bull sheeeet?
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    Who is writing Joe's speeches?

    OP grasping for straws. lol
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    Kamala Harris is ready for the debates

    Yes and the sad thing is the right wing neo cons evidently think it's cute. They are what trump is, sick.
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    Kamala Harris is ready for the debates

    We? trump was not, period!
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    Kamala Harris is ready for the debates

    trump will continue to lie his a$$ off during the debates, just like he does everyday, and the trumpscums will think it's wonderful.
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    A Harris Administration

    Now you know how some of us have felt the last 4 years.
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    Forest mismanagement and not climate change is responsible for the fires out west

    What? There were no leaves on the forests floor until only the last 20 years or so?
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    Fact: Trump is the worst president for the economy in my lifetime.

    Or the fact trump down played the covid-19 and did noting for 71 days other than rallies and golf. duh
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    Trump not only hates the military...

    Is that the same donald trump that said he lost a hundred friends, yet never went to even one funeral? Or the one that said thousands of Muslims were celebrating/dancing in the streets? Or the one who has no friends? Or the one who has lied 20K times?
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    POLL: Do You Believe Trump Repeatedly Lied to America About COVID to Avoid Creating Panic?

    After Pearl Harbor, not his first speech but later, FDR told the American people how hard this was going to be and he emphasized that. I don't recall any panic. The American people can handle the truth, but we haven't had much practice the last 4 years with the daily lies that comes out of...
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    Remind me who was/is president of the US.
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    Lincoln project 9/11 message

    Speak for yourself. Don't speak for me with your "we" crap.
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    Memphis Tigers Football

    And a feww more may die or at best have lingering lifetime issues. What's to worry?
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    That's pure bullshirt. He was protecting his stock market that's so dear to a few of his rich friends as well as his reelection. He did nothing during a 71 days stretch other than hold rallies. play golf and lie as usual to the American public.
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    Trump has made the US safer

    His pants are on fire it that's what you're trying to say.