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    We need more of this

    No. It’s at most only a small part of the world we live in, if true at all.
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    With less than a week until first debate, anyone still undecided?

    I am undecided between Biden and Romney.
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    OT: No Fans, No Problems For Nebraska Sell Out Streak

    I think this is okay.
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    ? Championship Weekend

    Come now. Huskers may be better than Illinois.
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    Romney Sides With McConnell On SCOTUS

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    Romney Sides With McConnell On SCOTUS

    I think I will be writing in Mitt for POTUS.
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    Is your Generation the “greatest alive”?

    There are no such things as generations outside of each family.
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    Stock market off 3%

    Thank god.
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    Why will Trump appt only a woman to the SCOTUS vacancy?

    As I said with Biden, it depends upon what he meant. If he knows who he is going to pick, and it’s a woman, fine. Even, if all the finalists happen to be women, fine. But if he restricted the search to women, not fine.
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    Why is Trump so desperate to ram in his pick before the election?

    I think it is a bad strategic move from Trump. Better for him to wait and put the pressure on voters to re-elect him or have Biden fill the slot.
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    Grinnell Running Back 9 TDs and way over 1K yards in 4 games

    How do you know he isn’t?
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    Do you care about the abortion issue?

    Yes, I care when human beings are murdered.
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    Risky but Interesting (?) Trump SCOTUS Move

    Trump says he will not fill the RBG spot if not re-elected, thus motivating more voters to vote for him and maybe de-motivating marginal Biden voters, thus increasing Trump’s chances. He can always go back on his word if Biden wins. What would he have to lose?
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    Good News, Iowans...

    Not good news to me.
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    Rankings With Late Start

    I think the AP will have B10 trans back in it week of 9/28.
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    McConnell Says Nominee Will Get Voted On

    I’m surprised Schumer had the energy to issue a statement, after spending hours giving CPR to RBG.
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    Johnston Hy-Vee is NOT going to be 100% self checkout after all!

    Jobs being replaced by machines is a good thing.