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  1. Franisdaman

    Tyler Cook

    He's definitely in the bubble.
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    Sep 23 Practice Photos

  3. Franisdaman

    Michael Lois updates?

    we should come up with a list of players where their college career was cut short (or in this case, never started) and KF still honored the 4 year scholarship (how many programs do that?). And in Lois' case, that is an expensive out of state scholarship
  4. Franisdaman

    Sep 23 Practice Photos

    Do you like my...I mean, do you like Fran's face covering? ;) Other than the fact that we look extremely FAST, what stands out to you as you look at the full photo gallery, which is here: A couple of those pictures:
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    Does this mean tennis, gymnastics and swimming can now be saved?

    IF we get all the games in and IF we get the anticipated TV revenue....
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    Bubbles For 27 Game Reg Season & Big Dance? Nov25 is Start Date(Not Nov10) w/ Season Completed by Early April. Beginning Sep21: 12 hrs/Wk Practice

    Will Nebraska get 2 or 3 games in w/ this bubble? Or do they know yet? It will be interesting. If the B1G sticks to its 20 game schedule, that leaves only 7 nonconference games and Nebraska could have 2 (or 3) of the 7 figured out right here.
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    Analysis: Is Iowa good enough defensively to win a National Championship?

    We know the offense is elite. Mike is a College Basketball color analyst for ESPN and CBS Sports . Check these out & Watch:
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    Tyler Cook

    Not sure where you saw that but ESPN says he is on the roster.
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    Wednesday 9/23 Practice Photos

    Petras already striking the Heisman pose.
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    Nebraska the pity me program

    Little Debbie has lost 4 or more games in a season 16 years in a row. Frank Solich (Pelini coached the bowl game?) went 10-3 in 2003. That team was ranked as high as #10 in the country. Here is a look at the 16 years since that 10-3 season in 2003: ...
  11. Franisdaman

    Nebraska the pity me program

    I don't hear @MrsScrew & Rutgers fans whining about having to play tOSU, Penn State & Michigan EVERY YEAR (along with Wisconsin & Iowa in potential cross over games). But Rutgers at least has some class. Little Debbie? Not so much.
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    3* TE James Carnie (Decommits from Miami-OH on Sep 12), 4* RB Audric Estime, 3* RB Jaylin White --2021 Out of State Offers

    Iowa sends out graphics like these all the time to prospects & commits. The prospects & commits then typically tweet it out. They sent the same graphic to 2022 prospects:
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    Tyler Cook