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    Kirk Ferentz appreciation thread

    He's a solid coach I suppose.
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    What’s the.....

    Nothing tops Ray Brinzer, who did many things.
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    I see Nebraska lost another one

    I'd rather talk sh*t about Michigan and there recruiting methods and failures too live up to the beloved history. I kind of wish we played them every year. neb not worth my time
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    Who would you choose to be President out of anyone on on earth?

    Will Ferrell or Zach Galifianakis
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    Official: Redskins will change name

    It may be the Washington Generals. Or how about the Memorials Monuments Veterans Lincolns Roosevelts Jeffersons Americans
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    Cancelling college football is NUTS!

    Back when this started in March I knew some people would be violated and lose their minds if Football was threatened.
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    FCS Football May Not Survive This

    If the dropped UNI wrestling I'd be ******** ******
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    How much longer do you think KF is the HC at Iowa?

    He will be the next Paterno or Bobby Bowden. Till 2036
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    The Open Mat preseason rankings

    Wierd how Labriola is ranked 2nd... he got 6th at big10's. Also surprised Caffey hasn't signed in on here and told us at HR that he's going 197
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    Roll Tide Roll

    From what I know about Covid and college kids tendancies.... When mid August rolls around it may be a disaster
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    People around me in the middle of Iowa City had been shooting off fireworks even past midnight and some today (also around June 19th). I didn't look it up but I don't know if you can do that in your backyard in the city. If you can fine more power to you.
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    Who Is The GOAT IA High School Wrestler: The Case For Everyone With Even a Far-Fetched Case

    My vote goes too Dan Knight of Clinton based on style points of domination. But there are about 7-15 guys who aren't far behind.
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    How Close Were The 3 Timers To Winning 4?!

    Austin Blythe lost 3-1 too Avery Fuhs of Chariton as a Fr. at HWT. Fuhs was a 280 lbs guy. Nate Moore was a two timer who lost two upset close ones too Mark Ballweg and James Nicholson.
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    Lugo Vs Pletcher

    Oliver vs Nolf should be fun. But what weight is that match at?? Also I am a fan of Mitch McKee matches. He does some unusual stuff.
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    Paul Finebaum: Says don't trust HCs on Covid Tests

    Heard it listening too Doug G on radio. Doug blasted him for it. Forgot exact quote my interpretation/Paraphrase is "... In the OhioSt-Mich or Bama-Auburn games head coaches may try too let players who test positive play because they go above and beyond too win, don't trust them" What a...
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    anyone wanna talk about iowa wrestling's issues with race?

    College restling isn't a sport where the very good african american athlete will have great advatages. Way different then football and basketball. No jumping, sprinting ect.. Guys just want too do a more loose lucrative sport You look at NCAA wrestling as a whole, dedpite a modest increase in...
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    Dillon Doyle to Baylor

    Dillon isn't a fast linebacker and the big12 has these widespread offenses. So IDK.
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    Josh Budke Weighs In On ESPN’s The Season

    Josh seems like a class act. One thing thing I didn't like on the ESPN the season doc was his dad criticising Zalesky saying Z didnt do enough for him as far as coaching, implying he was playing favorites possibly. IDK. I know it was an emotional thing for them but still. But also there are...
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    anyone wanna talk about iowa wrestling's issues with race?

    Harold Nichols recruited many black wrestlers starting in the 60's because he wanted too win however he could. It's been a Cyclone thing ever since.
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    anyone wanna talk about iowa wrestling's issues with race?

    Sure, there are wrestling programs with more Black athletes ( Iowa State, Mizzou, or Nebraska for example ) but also other programs where off the top of my head I can't recall many black guys (Minnesota or Wisconsin)