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  1. OutbackBowl2017

    Political yard signs

    Ain’t democracy great?!!!
  2. OutbackBowl2017

    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Agitators?

    Whip my dong out and ask who wants “shot”!!
  3. OutbackBowl2017

    UHaul Truck Handing Out Riot Shields And Supplies In Louisville

    2nd amendment says otherwise. Have you ever shot a gun? If not, I suggest you take a hunter safety/conceal carry class to learn about guns, how to use one, and shoot a hand gun, shotgun, and an Armalite rifle. I think you will have a better perspective for law abiding citizens that own these...
  4. OutbackBowl2017

    How many innocent people are we ok with the police shooting?

    Zero, of course, should be the goal. We must demand accountability from our police officers and how they are investigated by grand juries then charged with the most serious of crimes if they shoot and kill innocent people. To say conservatives don’t care is just plain wrong. This is not a...
  5. OutbackBowl2017

    U if I Athletics for All or Some ???

    Thank God you are not helping run the U of I athletic program. Getting rid of wrestling at Iowa?!!! You’d be run out of town, tar n feathered first. Also, all the top coaches have agreed to a pay cut this year - Ferentz, McCaffrey, Brands, and Bluder.
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    Weather is the same for both schools. Just an added adversity that you have to be mentally stronger than the other team to beat both team and conditions.
  7. OutbackBowl2017

    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    Daily testing will be the catalyst so he will know if he needs immediate treatment should he contract C-19.
  8. OutbackBowl2017

    High praise for Keagan Johnson + Friday Night Lights Highlights

    He is going to step into the shoes of ISM very nicely next season. Like his moxie and confidence in his abilities. Can’t wait to see ISM in a month or so.
  9. OutbackBowl2017

    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    Now Nebraska expects breaks. LoL. They should be happy they don’t play in the East division every year like MSU, Maryland, Rutgers, and Indiana. Hell, they can’t even beat the teams in the west, getting housed by Wisconsin on an annual basis, more times than not by Iowa, NW and Purdue has...
  10. OutbackBowl2017

    Arland Bruce has arrived & is practicing w/ Brody Brecht at Ankeny. As of now, INELIGIBLE to Play.

    It’s a shame they won’t let a high school kid play football even though he is a full time student in the district. What will their ruling be when a foreign exchange student decides to play football? No, no, no, you don’t have a home and the rest of your family in the district so you can’t...
  11. OutbackBowl2017

    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    Put up or shut up. Good luck vs Rutgers week nine.
  12. OutbackBowl2017

    official schedule release

    Hope for the bugeaters to go 1-8/0-9. They will probably be in the range of 3-6 to 4-5 based off of what Frost has done the previous two years.
  13. OutbackBowl2017

    Republicans- does it bother you that your party lied to you about the SCOTUS pick in 2016?

    1). The people did decide in 2016 they did not want the continuation of the Obama era with Hillary Clinton. If Obama was up for re-election then the Senate should of pushed his selection through before the election. But his second term was up and that’s why the phrase, let the people decide...
  14. OutbackBowl2017

    Joe Biden says 200million dead already

    Don’t forget those hideous mom jeans! LoL.
  15. OutbackBowl2017

    Barta Played a Role

    This can’t be. According to the rubes to the west, the players, coaches, and fans are the reason why the B1G decided to play football this fall so all credit goes to them having the biggest V’s in the room. Kudos to you little red, the real men of genius!
  16. OutbackBowl2017

    official schedule release

    You forgot the 9th game vs Rutgers for our friends to the west.
  17. OutbackBowl2017

    Susan Collins Says Appointment Should Wait

    That’s an outlier of what has happened in election year appointments when the President and Senate are from the same party. Also, that was a time and place when civility in politics was the norm and not the exception. The Democrats and Republicans are all too busy trying to crap all over the...
  18. OutbackBowl2017

    Colby Covington

    Sports are our savior from politics. I can’t stand to see political ads during any type of sports. Only time I want to see country colors is during the Ryder cup play and the majors due to players country of origin.
  19. OutbackBowl2017

    6 B1G schools are 100% online, but no sports in Iowa???

    No, all need the structure and in person schooling associated with being at that school building - breakfast, lunch, special needs kids getting the help they desperately need, socializing in the classroom and outside of it as well. Add in all the activities that these kids participate in on a...