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    Nebraska the pity me program

    I often wonder if people see things the way I do. Nebraska has had some solid years under pelini and the rest has been pretty much crap since they won a title. I have not understood the extra love they get at times. Now Moos has the gumption to whine about the schedule? You play at Ohio St...
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    Minnesota reinstates High School football

    I'm ignorant on this issue. How do people with COVID have a greater risk developing myocarditis than the flu or cold that we haven't really monitored for years. Also... are you Aristotle? Why did you get a new name?
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    Tuesday Practice Photos

    Yeah, this is a good question. I haven't heard anyone left campus.
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    Your Most Despised College Football Team/Program.

    It was always Notre Dame before Nebraska joined the conference. I think I am now here... 1. Nebraska 2. Notre Dame 3. Iowa St. 4. Minnesota 5. USC 6. Florida The last two have kind of drifted. USC because we beat them so bad last year I feel slightly better about the Orange Bowl. I just...
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    Why is Trump so desperate to ram in his pick before the election?

    Here is my favorite thing... I have heard 3 reasons why hard right wingers have had a change of heart on filling the SCOTUS seat. Original statement was to just wait until after the election. 1- RBG was intentionally holding out so Trump couldn't put someone in. When I responded "held out...
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    Bathroom Brawl in the Stall

    Sucks for the kid taking a dump. What can he even do?
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    6 B1G schools are 100% online, but no sports in Iowa???

    I know, but I think there could be a difference in the rules for golf, XC and football as outdoor sports. Statistics and science say you aren't getting it outside. Football *could* be the only one to look at with close contact for the lines.
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    Abilene Christian

    How many rushing yards?
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    6 B1G schools are 100% online, but no sports in Iowa???

    Iowa City sued, and lost. However, I don't get why you say we made no attempt. We were actually approved for a waiver for the first two weeks and another two weeks after. We aren't breaking any of the rules that were established. Okay, but is sitting in a classroom with 35 kids for 45-50...
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    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    900 points for the True Lies reference.
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    Just a little humor

    100% the best part. Maybe tied with the Big 12 throwing up at the beginning, Haha.
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    Just a little humor

    Nope, none of us. :(
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    Luke Wieskamp & Jack McCaffery, both 8th graders

    North Central Jr. High in NL. Sounds like McCaffery and Woods will both go to West. Not really sure why as Liberty will have a new, young basketball coach next year who is involved in the club system. Oh well, parents call and I won't get worked up about it. I will just enjoy whatever time I get...
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    What is the future of social media?

    Then watch Cuties and see what is happening to young girls.
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    Why the hell did this guy not end up dead?

    In all reality, the people who pull out their phones as just slightly less lame than the people that are being annoying tools.
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    Everything will change when the Big Ten gets in. I mean, if you won week 1 or 2, you are pretty much ranked. Georgia Tech beat a Florida St team that isn't great and they are almost ranked. They were projected to be the 15th of 16 ACC teams. Iowa St. still has 14 votes. Air Force has 2 votes...
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    B1G Football is BACK! 9 (8+1) Games in 9 Week Window w/ Oct 23/24 Start Date, which is Crucial w/ Dec 19 B1G Title Game & CFP Teams Revealed Dec 20

    This is all so painfully painful. Gosh the Big Ten look like a bunch of idiots. Just be transparent!
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    B1G Football is BACK! 9 (8+1) Games in 9 Week Window w/ Oct 23/24 Start Date, which is Crucial w/ Dec 19 B1G Title Game & CFP Teams Revealed Dec 20

    Good luck with this endeavor. We tried that back in March- nobody listened and college hoops were canceled. We tried in May/June to save football and now we have an 8 game season. For the record, I am just pumped Iowa is getting a chance. I have never missed an Iowa home game since I since I...