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  1. GOHOX69

    Grassley says position on Supreme Court is not 'hypocritical'

    Chuckles has become a farce of himself. I visited Chuckle's office in DC shortly before corona. He seemed barely coherent and had a whopping staff of 1. At least I got to play with Joni's dog (insert beatch jokes here) and she plied me with donuts. Chuckles on the other hand looked ragged. A red...
  2. GOHOX69

    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    Yet El presidente loves gargling putin and xi's nutsacks. How western of him.
  3. GOHOX69

    Does this mean tennis, gymnastics and swimming can now be saved?

    What about women's basketball? Data shows that it is the largest bleeder whether it's the canceled sports or the ones still existing.
  4. GOHOX69

    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    Is that good? Because you magats love him.
  5. GOHOX69

    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    If they want to be uncle Tom, then that's their best path forward I suppose.
  6. GOHOX69

    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    Isn't he too busy tailing a guy doing 66 in a 65?
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    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    No but good cops these days are becoming the exception rather than the rule.
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    Dr Birx update

    Having worked in the nih scene and with dumbass politicians from both parties, this is the right answer. For example Dr. Fauci who I've known and met was director since the time of Reagan. Go figure. There's no winning with politicians when you're a scientist. You have to dumb things down to 6th...
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    Police Officer shot in Louisville

    It's amazing that you took the time to explain things rationally to a bigoted physician. It says much about you and even less about the other individual.
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    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    Yes and blue lives can go f themselves.
  11. GOHOX69

    How many innocent people are we ok with the police shooting?

    Until innocent victims have a recourse besides civil settlements and suits, this will only go up in number. Tort law immunity and having county and district attorneys being butt buddies of the cops doesn't help. There has to be a pay wall between prosecutors and cops. And the rubber stamp grand...
  12. GOHOX69

    Dr Fauci > Douche Bag Rand Paul

    Wtf are you talking about? Lay off the booze and go read the manuscripts mentioned in that article. For fks sake.
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    Dr Fauci > Douche Bag Rand Paul

    Here you go :
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    Dr Fauci > Douche Bag Rand Paul

    The thing is that cell mediated immunity, I. E. T cells might be significantly more important than humoral immunity, I. E. B cells and antibodies. This is also a fact that sars1 has shown us. So herd immunity in that sense is completely irrelevant. In fact, high levels of antibodies might even...
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    insect id needed

    0.1 seconds? Are you slipping? 😜
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    I wondered who else watched that show :) Now I know!
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    U if I Athletics for All or Some ???

    Honest question. Many of you say that these sports didn't exist before football or being bank rolled by football. Is that really so? I mean sports since Men's swimming and diving have existed since the early 1900's at UI. Pretty sure football wasn't generating diddly squat revenue then. So...
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    When I think Whiskey or Whisky, last thing I think is Swisher, Iowa. I once bought vodka from Cedar Ridge. It tasted like ass. Their pizza is ok but come on, that crap cannot and should not compete on the world market. That's laughable.
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    I believe the prior gentleman was being rhetorical :)
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    RIP in Peace Gayle Sayers

    I bought my Honda from a dealership he once co-owned in Iowa City, Chezik-Sayers. I saw his highlights and all I can say is Sayers and Payton in the backfield. Juicy delicious. Bears are now an embarrassment. RIP.