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  1. thewop

    Anyone have a Roomba or similar device

    It does as long as you use it regularly. You have to empty it and keep brushes clean/changed (ideally about every 2 months but we change them oh...every 2 years). We use it strictly on carpet though, I don't think I'd trust our Roomba on tile. It's more of a brush than a vacuum that really sucks.
  2. thewop

    Well this is awkward...

    Anyone know if Obama did the same when Scalia died? Would be interesting to contrast the crowd's response.
  3. thewop

    Wisconsin lol

    Odds that's 2 bears fans trolling?
  4. thewop

    Trumps Potential SCOTUS nominee belongs to a Cult

    This, they're talking like Dems wouldn't even participate, so a hearing may not even really happen prior to confirmation. Maybe a few softballs then a vote. Probably a smart play by Dems, silence is the only way they can make their beef with Rs and not with a female. Given how deeply invested...
  5. thewop

    Breonna Taylor

    We don't know that. The facts laid out did not say "softly." Unsatisfying as it may be, it doesn't help anything to make stuff up to be angry about. When the facts finally come out and don't match the 6 month narrative, it's disappointing. The lesson; let facts come out before you cling to a...
  6. thewop

    Breonna Taylor

    They did knock. I watched the entire AG's press conference and he laid out the facts very clearly. You should watch too if you can find it. I can't say you'll feel better. It's still a tragedy, but they got it right legally. The AG couldn't have been better at the press conference given the...
  7. thewop

    Breonna Taylor

    Except they knocked, entered, got shot at, and returned fire. How they hit her and not the shooter? Unknown. The guy they charged didn't hit anyone, but wrecklessly fired into the building. This is a tragedy, not an injustice.
  8. thewop

    Holy Crap... Biden/Trump tied in Iowa

    Um, if only those east of I35 voted it would be blue, not purple... It's OK to say you wish it were a bright blue state. Many do.
  9. thewop

    Holy Crap... Biden/Trump tied in Iowa

    The fact that Iowa could go either way on any election makes me proud to be from there.
  10. thewop

    WGN NewsNation Presidential debate

    It should happen. That's the neutral national news source we've been lacking.
  11. thewop

    A parent just refused to have her kid do part of my online lesson.

    Violence? Plenty of violence in marvel movies. Some sex. If the kids are elementary age I suppose that could be it? IDK. Or maybe the parent isn't familiar with Marvel black panther.
  12. thewop

    Is your Generation the “greatest alive”?

    Guesses on who believes their own is not but gen z'ers are? My money is on a gen z'er who is lying about their age...
  13. thewop

    Moving on a Supreme Nominee

    Ah yes, back when elected representatives viewed their jobs as doing what was best for the country and not simply "to get re-elected." Sign me up for that mentality again. As is today, I'm going to be surprised if ever a Senate confirms a judge from the other party's president.
  14. thewop

    Travel Observations. From southern Indiana and southern Ohio

    Yeah, and with all the stops, you can choose to get out and walk around or just look from the car. Stop by the visitors center first and get a driving tour map, and make sure you have internet on your phone so you can pull up the videos at each stop, it really enhances the experience. It's very...
  15. thewop

    Travel Observations. From southern Indiana and southern Ohio

    We went to Gettysburg a couple months ago. Great battlefield to visit, especially for kids. Easy to keep your distance too because you can drive the whole thing.
  16. thewop

    Joe Biden says 200million dead already

    Given we were supposed to have 1-3 million dead by August, for trump to kill 200 million it must truly be as bad as CNN has been telling us all along.
  17. thewop

    In honor of the INCEST thread, your best songs with the words "sister" or "brother" in the song title?

    "I f$&ked my sister so I married her and made a poll about it" by WWJD
  18. thewop

    My SIL sent out an email

    If politics ever becomes so important in my life that I ignore family and friends because they disagree with me...yikes. Your wife sounds miserable, she should post here more. Misery lives company, and we could use more female posters. Oh, and pics of wife or you're lying!
  19. thewop

    official schedule release

    Nebby only has one game different than us. We get MSU they get OSU. Yes, their game is tougher, but we have to go to PSU too. They're pretty comparable schedules really.