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    Man Dies From Eating Too Much Black Licorice

    At a bag and half a day, I am assuming diabetes was COD.
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    POLL: Should Trick or Treating Be Banned or Severely Restricted This Year?

    We were looking at setting up a candy graveyard (which is basically a bunch of tombstones with candy in our yard that the kids grab candy) or candy wall (basically a cut out with candy hanging off it that the kids can grab as they walk by). It's probably going to be pretty dead (pun intended)...
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    Very Interesting

    its totally like when libs try to convince me to eat apples, but I like to drive Ford trucks.
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    Police Officer shot in Louisville

    Dammit. I hoped it would not escalate like this.
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    Breonna Taylor

    There were several other witnesses that said they didn’t hear the police announce or knock. The shooter did not and believed it was a home invasion. Moreover, they went through the trouble of obtaining a no knock warrant which the police attested was necessary for safety and protect against...
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    Breonna Taylor

    He was. Charges were later dropped.
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    Is your affinity for a pick up truck derailing your retirement plans?

    Last year or the year before, we bought a small truck to use as a utility vehicle. Really enjoyed having it and started looking at trucks to replace my car. The pre-covid price for full-sized new trucks was higher than I expected and there wasn't a lot of willingness to move down on price.
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    Could Dems just refuse to fund the courts?

    Their salaries cannot be diminished. Art. III, sec. 1
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    GOP To Fill SCOTUS Seat In 37 Days

    For political reasons, I suspect that Mitch will extend this over most of October to divert attention away from the Rona. The question is does he schedule the vote after the election so the senators can campaign on being tied to the socially conservative candidate. If I was a Democratic...
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    Every few days, another of the many uninformed liberals here, will post the same old fairy tale about Trump colluding with Putin

    You are familiar with the financing for the Trump Organization, correct?
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    Civil War: The Way America Could End In 2020 By Glenn Beck

    That is some of the point you are making. While FOX is a giant news org, it is really one of the only mainstream media outlets that leans right. Meanwhile we are talking about the CNNs, MBCs, ABCs, WSJ, WPO, on and on and on. I disagree on your assessment of which media outlets are right...
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    America's Fifth Great Awakening

    I would be hesitant to promote any article arguing in favor Christian dominionism and nationalism. I would further suggest that military and economic might of the US during the 1950's - 1970's--especially in manufacturing--was more of a function of a post-WW2 worldwide economy than a spiritual...
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    Civil War: The Way America Could End In 2020 By Glenn Beck

    The study stated two aspects that doesn’t support your assertion. First, in the macro, the number one viewed media source (Fox) has overwhelmingly positive articles. Therefore, based on viewers, it’s difficult to suggest “the media” is overwhelminglybias against Trump. If you are elimination...
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    Civil War: The Way America Could End In 2020 By Glenn Beck

    Read the study before jumping to the conclusion you posited.
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    Sports card Hobbyists—#thehobby

    What's a Billy Ripken expletive bat go for these days?
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    RBG - United States v. Virginia & the Draft

    The constitutionality of male-only registration for selective service was decided in Rostker v. Goldberg (1981). After the military abolished the prohibition of women serving in combat positions, a second suit was filed and the district court ruled male-only registration as unconstitutional...
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    Would you support packing the courts?

    Because SCOTUS has discretionary jurisdiction (i.e. it can pick and chose which cases it will grant cert) and federal appellate courts don’t have that limitation to jurisdiction. Essentially, COA have a much larger case load
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    New Jackson State Football Head Coach names staff

    Being a former professional athlete—even a HOF athlete—doesn’t guarantee long-term recruiting success. When Houston had Clyde Drexler as a HC, it wasn’t a great experience both on the court and recruiting.
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    How Sorry Do You Feel for the Folks Along the Gulf Who Keep Getting Hammered?

    We finally have a break from the rain. I think we've received 10"-12" since yesterday. Started to have a little Harvey PTSD, but it's no where near the same. Found a small leak in dinning room. I'm thinking the collar around the vent pipe that's over that room is leaking or it's the flashing.