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  1. McLovin32

    Favorite (Non Political) Machine

    RIP Billy Mays
  2. McLovin32

    University tells white students

  3. McLovin32

    Man live-streams as derecho rips off his apartment roof

    Good things are coming his way.
  4. McLovin32

    Favorite (Non Political) Machine

    Does this count? 24 years old and still runs like a champ
  5. McLovin32

    Well this is awkward...

    This. Reminds me of this quote from one of my favorite movies.
  6. McLovin32

    What the heck happened in Grinnell?

    Heck of a Snapchat handle ol Cody has
  7. McLovin32

    Bathroom Brawl in the Stall

  8. McLovin32

    Best Mexican Restaurant in Iowa City /Coralville?

    Casa Azul was very good the last time I was there.
  9. McLovin32

    I like fried chicken as much as the next person

    Is that your first vote when it’s a video of a cop being a dick to someone?
  10. McLovin32

    I like fried chicken as much as the next person

    Better than a goddamn cracker. Amirite?!
  11. McLovin32

    Poll: How Are You Voting?

    Love the “KAG” bit at the end. Because it’s amazing right now.
  12. McLovin32

    Poll: How Are You Voting?

    This. I’m frauding the **** out of this election. #yolo
  13. McLovin32

    Trump has made the US safer

    Obama brought home more troops than Trump has.
  14. McLovin32

    Chicago Style Pizza

    I most certainly did not.
  15. McLovin32

    Chicago Style Pizza

    This. Love Zoey’s Chicago style.
  16. McLovin32

    ****Texans vs Chefs****

    Not gonna lie, super disappointing return for the NFL. Not fun to watch, at all.
  17. McLovin32

    The law and order president

    Exactly. The Trump campaign is stupid enough that they think releasing a video like that is good for them. they’re hoping people don’t think independently.