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  1. theiacowtipper

    Here's the GOP strategy to steal the Election

    The count was halted on the 9th and the Supreme Court decided the election on the 12th. I don’t think this is going to play out like this, but it is certainly conceivable that Trump could encourage Republican legislatures to send a different set of electors than a democratic governor based on...
  2. theiacowtipper

    Here's the GOP strategy to steal the Election

    The scenarios posted are entirely possible and consistent with his current rhetoric. He is ahead in PA on election night. He declares himself the winner. The Supreme Court has a history of ending counts and declaring a Republican winner, and he will have appointed a third of that court. Again...
  3. theiacowtipper

    Here's the GOP strategy to steal the Election

    Here is my fear. Trump has been quoted, or he tweeted, that he is counting on the courts to deliver a winner based on election night results. He has certainly stacked the courts with his appointees. There is no way all the votes will be counted election night. For those reasons, there’s pretty...
  4. theiacowtipper

    LMPD declares state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision

    In my opinion, the only person in the case that should be charged is the officer that fired blindly. That includes the boyfriend. He was defending the residence.
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    LMPD declares state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision

    You have a link to that? There was a search warrant but I don’t think they had an arrest warrant.
  6. theiacowtipper

    LMPD declares state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision

    Link to her dealing drugs? Link to her having distribution amounts of drugs in her house? Link to a warrant for her arrest? An ex boyfriend got packages at her apartment. That’s it. That justified a no knock warrant that got her killed.
  7. theiacowtipper

    Could Dems just refuse to fund the courts?

    Reducing funding for the courts is not the way to go about this. The Ginsburg seat is lost. Pack the court. Abolish the filibuster.
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    Melania Trump is just another hypocrite

    If we are going to argue women in their prime, Jill Biden >>>>>> than Melania
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    So What's The Response When Trump Nominates And They're Confirmed?

    Alexander said yes. I don’t think Romney has said anything. They would need Romney and one more.
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    Early voting in Virginia

    Not everyone has Sunday off work. I know of at least two families who would not vote on Sunday’s for religious reasons.
  11. theiacowtipper

    Early voting in Virginia

    Why? If a voter has made up their mind why should they wait? For instance, there’s no piece of information you could get that would cause you to vote for Biden, so why should t you just vote now?
  12. theiacowtipper

    FBI Director

    I would assume much of the direct evidence is classified. Perhaps that’s why we didn’t see any?
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    Not such a big deal with no or limited fans though. At least there won’t be 100k screaming people.
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    Cant speak for him, but the biggest mistake of an otherwise strong presidency. On the other hand, Trumps overall refusal to get us involved in more wars is the only thing I give him credit for in a disaster of a presidency.
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    A bunch of truth here. I saw a poll where 9% of voters who said they supported Trump or Biden say they would change their minds. That’s not a lot. What would it take for one of you to change your mind. If something came out that Biden broke a law. I don’t know like underage girls or something I...
  16. theiacowtipper

    UV Light Now Used Against Covid?

    It’s called the Wikipedia phenomenon, at least according to one of my professors. Basically someone reads one paragraph on a topic from one source and thinks they have detailed knowledge.
  17. theiacowtipper

    Holy crap

    The explosive trees in the Pacific Northwest are really known as Japan trees. During WW2, the Japanese dropped explosive tree seeds in attempt to separate California from Nevada. They misfired and instead grew into explosive trees.
  18. theiacowtipper

    Woodward on "60 Minutes"...

    So, I’m curious. Do you think he deliberately downplayed the virus for political gain, or to quell panic? Is there anything he could actually do that would make you not support him?
  19. theiacowtipper

    One more trick in Iowa Republicans' 2020 bag of ballot stifling

    I’m ok with this one. If you don’t want to mail it then drop of off at the county offices. They should be monitored and secured. No issue here.