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    Favorite (Non Political) Machine

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    Most successful transistion from film to music, and vice versa?

    Will Smith. Mark Wahlburg,
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    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Agitators?

    Spraying no, spaying yes.
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    Challenger 1986

    NASA's study of the explosion found that at least 3 of the astronauts were alive after the explosion until the impact of the ocean. The separation of the crew compartment deprived the crew of Orbiter-supplied oxygen, except for a few seconds supply in the lines. Each crew member's helmet was...
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    The Doors were one of the very best rock bands of all time

    It's funny. Growing up as a kid/teen I idolized Jim Morrison. Now as an adult I think he was just a drunken frat boy. The rest of the band is great, but I have a much different perspective on Jim.
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    Challenger 1986

    I was in kindergarten when it happened. I was in the after-lunch kindergarten class (back then they went half days). I remember not being able to tell time, but I knew after the Price is Right was over that it was time to get to school. That day I had so much anxiety from the crash, and also...
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    I think itd be a win win

    You know, I think I would make that trade if given the option. Trump puts a Conservative on the Supreme Court and then gets booted from office, unfortunately I don't think it'll work like that.
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    Creepy Photos

    At most that’s debatable. There was overwhelming evidence against him. Budd Dwyer wasn't innocent, you don't shot yourself knowing you are inocent. You shot youself if you know that if convicted you will lose everything. His wife got a million dollar payout by him dying in office, if he goes...
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    Creepy Photos

    Yep, he and everyone else in the room had a good laugh about it later.
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    Creepy Photos

    False. It's real.
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    Creepy Photos

    Is it me or does the Statue of Liberty look like Elvis?
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    Creepy Photos

    Convicted Sexual Assaulter Brian Peppers
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    The real reason Democrats don't want a SCOTUS vote before the election...

    You misspelled Merrick Garland.
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    Who should Biden nominate with his four brand new SCOTUS picks?

    Obama Hillary Pelosi Merrick Garland
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    Do Smarties expire?

    I found some smarties in my car that have been there for years. I think I might give em a go.
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    Another thing the B1G whiffed on...

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