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    Nebraska the pity me program

    That article was pure gold! I took a look at their schedule and at first thought there is 1 win, 3 toss ups, and 4 losses at first. Then I remembered Illinois is actually turning the corner, despite losing a close one to the huskers last year. Now my prediction is 4 toss up games, 4 losses...
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    Clemson vs. The Citadel today

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    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    Double secret probation??
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    CBS roasts Campbell

    We should be betting on which game the 3rd string QB comes in and plays well. The 3rd string is a future NFLer at ISU.
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    Alright post the best GIF of Twins right now

    Holy shit, WTF!
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    College team cancels season - athlete dies of covid complications

    So this kid played football at one time, he got Covid, he died. By connecting the dots, a football player died of Covid during the footbal season. Journalists are absolute scum these days. They know the difference and do not care. They would be fired if working in corporate America.
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    Tennessee cancels practice: 44 players out due to . . .

    That is the intention. While it isn't a lie, it is intentionally misleading. Right @aristotleiowa?
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    Dillon Doyle're saying there will be some scholly's available and immediate playing time. Let's hope Dillon stays safe since football players have been dropping like flies. 🚑
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    PAC 12 now rethinking?

    Is it more JV than playing the Big 12? My gut says no, but at least big 12 has 1 legit contender in Oklahoma.
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    Harvard researcher says Iowa, Alabama, two other states should 'lock down immediately'

    Why would we let facts get in the way of the narrative? To be 100% fair, both Dems and Reps are doing their best to spin the numbers to fit the narrative. It sucks because the public is forced to make real impactful decisions based on biased data. It takes more time, but I try to catch up on...
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    So who is your team this Fall?

    I think I'll just laugh at the clowns when they lose and spend the rest of the time doing some work outs. Maybe I can be less fat next year.
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    21 COVID-19 cases? No problem at Texas Tech as practice continues

    I would also expect the reporting to change. For instance if someone is on hospice dies and happens to have tested positive for Covid, that death will no longer be a Covid death (to date it has been reported as a Covid death). That is seriously being reported. I saw a medical professional being...
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    This sounds even worse, regarding Warren

    Sounds like you confirmed what Kurt said.
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    For those who think this isn’t politically driven...

    And Obama, he isn't above reproach. He sucked at being president. I almost assuredly will be called racist for saying that, but since that is reply #1 now, why care.
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    ND moving online

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    Sports Illustrated - Nebraska

    They also replaced Riley with Frost. Frost has a worse record through 2 seasons than Riley did. If this season were to play out Frost would have a worse record through 3 seasons, having already matched the loss total of Riley through 3 seasons. The next hire will be Todd Lichlighter...well maybe...
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    Real or Fake?

    I was expecting a series of GIFs, personally. :(
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    From The Washington Post

    I don't believe the kids are poorly compensated, but do agree the coaches are paid too much. They don't have to accept a scholarship to play. It is expensive to go to college, especially when you get free medium rare steaks and are forced to eat it despite it making you sick. The part about pro...