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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    There’s a lot of potential in the defense backfield, but I’m curious as to how much QB pressure we get and how that might play out in our coverage. Cronk’s high school coach was quoted as saying he liked Iowa because it gave him a chance to play at guard where he hopes to play at the next...
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    Luka Garza named preseason player of the year

    If the team has great success Luka will get rewarded if his stats are close to last year. If we drop a few close games and wind up 3rd or 4th in the league then I don’t think he’s got a chance. The high preseason expectations for the team add to what he must achieve to get the hardware.
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    Garza up to 270 lbs.

    I’d be willing to have 4 more Iowa Dad’s who had the knowledge, desire, and resources to absolutely max their son’s potential. There are a lot of people behind every college athlete and all should be acknowledged, but Luka’s Dad has had unusual involvement and results. I’m not a huge fan of...
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    Nice tidbit on Alaric Jackson

    I would be surprised if Jackson plays right tackle. At one point we were looking to move Wirfs to the left side and Jackson had problems on the right side so it didn’t happen.
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    96.3 mph. Wow.

    A couple of things. I began the post with the word IF. The ensuing discussion focused on movement and location being key as well which we can all agree are additional needs. My point was if a kid has a major league fastball as a high school junior that is going to attract attention...
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    MORE GOOD NEWS. Josh Ogundele Updates

    Many seem to be writing Jack Nunge totally off. Fran had him starting last year before he went down. If he’s healthy and can get some early confidence he is potentially an important piece for us. I like Josh for his size and there may be some games where that is needed, but as I recall Jack...
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    The experience factor we’ll have may become our biggest asset. On any given night any of the starters could go for twenty. I don’t imagine for a moment that Luka will let guys get away with lack luster effort during the preseason let alone during games. Minutes will be precious and there will...
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    96.3 mph. Wow.

    If a high schooler can throw at the average speed of a major league reliever I’d guess he’s got a future in the game. I’ve got no dog in this fight, but I don’t see a reason to bash an Iowa commit or downplay his achievements.
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    Jack Trice

    Iowa State has the same goals every year. They just got a commitment that emphasizes and restates their yearly hope. Winsome is on board. Good luck..... not.
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    Luka Garza announcement will be at 12:15 PM CT on Sunday

    If the announcement was in a Hawkeye building I’d be a lot more confident than a Zoom call announcement. Uncertainty rules. If you can get a signed contract to pay you, it’s got to be tough to pass it up. There may not be a league in a year.
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    Will results on the field improve?

    I spent most of my working life in an environment where it was policy that the bottom 10% of performers when measured against individual arbitrary subjective standards were terminated each year. Prior years performances were not taken into account. Poor performances were addressed by coaching...
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    CJ Fredrick out six weeks following foot surgery

    Hope things go as expected. We need to remove as many uncertainties as possible before Luka’s decision.
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    Andy Katz, when looking at the 12 B1G Early Entrants in NBA Draft, says Luka will return to IOWA

    I think the key to Luka’s return won’t be tied to his athletic limitations, but the likelihood that the NCAA season is played. If football folds it’s tent my bet is Luka goes. The current uncertainty of the season being played is my biggest fear and makes me lean towards expecting him to leave.
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    Tom’s Fearless 2020 Forecast........

    Petras was Stanley’s backup. To expect him to step in without any experience and be significantly better is a pretty big leap of faith. If we get solid play from the QB position I’d look for an 8-9 win season if we play. This year is going to be such an unknown the 0-0 prediction is probably...
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    RB Ricky Parks commits to Utah

    If he’s looking for a different lifestyle he’ll find it in Utah. I wish him good luck and who knows if he loves the mountains it maybe a perfect fit.
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    Joe Toussaint, on transitioning from NYC to IC & his thoughts on Social Justice (11 min interview)

    Andy seemed to be baiting and trying to lead Joe T to jump on negative treatment in the program, but Joe was having none of it. Joe chose his words carefully and emphasized his happiness in Iowa City, but the grin erupted when the subject changed to Luka. He backed Luka whatever his choice...
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    With 17 commits, how does the 2021 class end up?

    If we close out this class with 3 or 4 of our top targets and some later offers to get to the final number I will be delighted. I get the sense that talent wise this could be our best group since 2005. With everything that’s going on in the world if we play football and these kids all make it...
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    POLL: Who's next to commit for Iowa?

    I will be pumped if it’s any of this group. Parks would be the flashy pick and he’s apparently looking at pulling the trigger pretty soon. I really like M Myslinski too, but I don’t know his timetable.
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    New Story ***Jordan Oladokun back in the fold for the Hawkeyes***

    Has there been any date given for when Ricky Parks is looking at a decision? If they play he and Jordan will be teammates this year.
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    Isaiah Bruce named male athlete of the year

    in the Rock River Valley in IL. (Essentially a Rockford regional area.). He beat out Gennings Dunker, Tyler Elsbury, and others. Bruce played both ways and as a running back averaged 12.5 yards per carry, ran for over 1000 yards, and scored 16 TD’s on I believe 84 carries. He led the...