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    Breonna Taylor

    How would you fix a Grand Jury of citizens empaneled to decide if people should be indicted? That's "the system" in this case.
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    Thanks Harry Reid!!!!

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    Terrorizing innocent bystanders in Portland

    It's what liberals do.
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    Other than a Trump rally or casino, what are the top places to get COVID?

    A big city "protest" (i.e. riot).
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    Mitt Romney To Be Biden's Secretary Of State?

    Nonsense. The cold war is over.
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    Supreme Court vacancies in presidential election years

    Packing the court with 13 justices would be much more of a power grab than anything McConnell has done or will do, and will prove that the dems are worse than the GOP on this issue.
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    Graham says he'd hold Supreme Court seat open if there is a vacancy in last year of Trump's term

    So he was referring specifically to 2016?
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    Underappreciated Reasons Trump won in 2016? Voters motivated by Supreme Court vacancy & Abortion issue

    If this is true, then it would not surprise me to see the GOP go full steam ahead with a nominee and a vote. It could essentially raise turnout for the GOP. If the GOP does not go forward, it could seriously depress GOP turnout.
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    Trump reaction to RBG

    EVERYONE knew she might die in the short term (before the election). Her dying soon was not the surprise, but actual occurrence of it was.
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    Republicans go on record: Should RGBs seat be left open for the next president?

    Part of the problem is that the Senate has allowed itself to become more like the House, which is to say, more partisan and lacking in decorum. The Framers gave Senators 6 year terms to avoid this type of thing. It went off the rails year ago. My best guess is it probably started with the Bork...
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    Republicans go on record: Should RGBs seat be left open for the next president?

    I think it is fine for a sitting POTUS to nominate someone and the Senate to decide to vote on that nominee BEFORE the election. The POTUS and the Senate are the legitimate representatives of the people based on the most recent elections for both. Doing this after an election would be pretty...
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    McConnell Says Nominee Will Get Voted On

    They likely think Biden is going to win anyway, and I tend to agree with that prediction.
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    McConnell Says Nominee Will Get Voted On

    I agree it would be horse crap if the GOP did this. If they're going to do it, then do it before the election.
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    McConnell Says Nominee Will Get Voted On

    They would've, in the spirit of FDR. It's in their nature.
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    U.S. Admits That Congressman Offered Pardon to Assange If He Covered Up Russia Links

    So, someone said that someone said. Sounds legit.
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    Remember This? Could It Happen Again?

    You continue to prove that no matter who the GOP candidate or POTUS, the hate from the left is there.
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    Sorority Sister / Rioter Held on $1MM Bail

    Would not.