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  1. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    Oliver Martin to Nebraska

    He has 2 years of eligibility left, if I'm not mistaken. He could grad transfer after this season at Nebby.
  2. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    Oliver Martin to Nebraska

    Sorry, my dyslexia acts up and my typing is below average. I just got through three years of college before anyone ever helped me to understand that I was dyslexic. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    Oliver Martin to Nebraska

    Especially like the gif because it has Elijah Woods who was from Cedar Rapids.
  4. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    Oliver Martin to Nebraska

    Oliver needs to change his name to Fredo!
  5. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    If Iowa State Plays, Does It Hurt Iowa?

    If you have no vested interests in the players on the roster, do you care if you miss the first quarter of the JV game before the varsity plays? In, strolls the pretender.
  6. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    I see Nebraska lost another one

    If only he had met Fred Garvin, MP from Moline!
  7. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    Who are the remaining RB targets that Iowa is focusing on for the 2021 class?

    Finding your next Akrum Wadley (Jordan Canzeri/ Damian Sims) is tough sledding but it does happen, regardless of AIRBHG.
  8. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    Agree or disagree on “Tight End U”

    One thing that really seems to help a capable TE become much better prospect for the NFL is.... working with a draft quality QB during college. The Stanford guys had Andrew Luck. Miami had some stud QBs for a time. Iowa has had two of its better QBs in recent years in Stanley and CJ Beathard...
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    Agree or disagree on “Tight End U”

    I presume you are referencing the Sports Illustrated article (today it ismore like Sports Idiots who's writing went down hill many decade ago and now put "pretty faced fat (dare I say OBESE) girls in their swimsuit issues. The Swimsuit issues have gonna down since the days of Kathy Ireland and...
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    Next Iowa commitment?

    Iowa can always pick up a safety in recruiting or transfer. Even by offering a preferred walk-on spots. Cornerbacks don't come that cheaply. Most quality CB are from out of state and more likely in the Southeast part of the US. California and Arizona kids don't usually want to come to the...
  11. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    Next Iowa commitment?

    Millihawk... I know Iowa ALWAYS seems to take at least one RB per year.... this may take a while as some under the radar kid like Shadrick Byrd may crop up. Iowa has some talent behind Goodson in Byrd, Leshon and Gavin Williams. I think Iowa is in a good place for Arlen Harris (2022). A lot of...
  12. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    Mo Washington----30 Days in Jail

    We (all) have probably seen the footage of a young (Black) man pushing a 92 year old woman (White) in NYC recently. Police sources say he's a registered sex offender who has been arrested about 101 times. (Verified data). Maybe Mo Washington will be for Scott Frost what Pierre Pierce was for...
  13. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    How many (potential) 4 star recruits does Iowa have a good shot with?

    I would presume that if Helm commits to Iowa, Fidone is off the table. The remaining focus is probably for a couple of cornerbacks (just my opinion). Hankins is the lone senior with PT but Moss will be a junior and a highly talented red shirt freshmen in Julius Brents may leave early in a year...
  14. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    TJ Bollers to Wisconsin

    Here's to TJ Bollers having a nice Wisky career and may some Hawkeye OL give him a Marshal Yanda like welcoming (twice).
  15. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    Brian Ferentz future Coordinators

    After Brian lands the HC job: Kelton Copeland (who should receive a pay raise and title of assistant offensive coordinator by year's end) bcomes the new OC. I just believe Copeland means more to the production and recruiting success for BF than TP. Especially , if Copeland keeps bringing in top...
  16. TheHawkeyeDudeAbides

    You can’t make this stuff up......

    I think he has the "Clone-duh" virus. No known cure. I have Iowa ANF strong antibodies at work.