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    Iowa Athletics True Nature

    Honestly, if your sport doesn’t make money, you shouldn’t be getting a scholarship.
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    His issue wasn’t readiness, it was athleticism/speed. Maybe that would have gotten better at Iowa but it will also get better with NFL strength and conditioning while making good money.
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    VOTE: Which team wins the B1G West?

    I’m going to vote for Wisconsin every time until Iowa shows me they can figure out how to beat them.
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    B10 Restart Announcement TONIGHT!

    this was my first thought after seeing the title of this thread. Well played sir! Well played!
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    Is AJ Epenesa a healthy scratch today?

    He’s just really slow for NFL DE unless he gets bigger and plays 3-4 DE. Even though DE’s aren’t running 40 yards, speed there demonstrates explosiveness, acceleration and top end speed.
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    Iowa Assistant Football Coaches receive raises after cutting Swim program

    One sports makes A LOT of money, the other is a cost. You throw money at the sport that makes you money. Smart move.
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    Harvard researcher says Iowa, Alabama, two other states should 'lock down immediately'

    Why? The death rate is less than 1% for people under 60. Then if you factor in that there are A LOT who have had it that don’t show up in the numbers. The reality is everyone is going to get this and it could be a year or more before the vaccine is in the system.
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    So who is your team this Fall?

    Sports have gotten too policitical so no need to watch besides Iowa football.
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    Thomas Fidone to Nebraska

    Congratulations on your next 4 4-7 win seasons Thomas. Maybe you’ll get a chance in the NFL
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    $75M Deficit for IOWA w/ No Fall Football. Had planned on taking out $75M Loan. July 16, 2020 Story: IOWA #14 in Country in Total Revenue (5th in B1G)

    These numbers validate my belief that football scholarships at major D1 programs should not count towards title 9 since they’re actually profitable and support the entire athletic program.
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    Has Corona Changed Your View on Sports?

    Initials, not MLB ;)
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    Has Corona Changed Your View on Sports?

    Prior to all of this, I had lost interest in most sports. I’d rather workout, hike, work on my business or spend time with friends and family. How political sports has gotten has hurt my interest more than Covid. I don’t watch sports/entertainment to have politics forces onto me. I’ll...
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    P5 commissioners talking about postponing season.

    I’m wondering how much of this is driven by player safety vs concerns around being sued. All it takes is for a few players to die and personal injury attorneys out there will be chomping at the bit. Not surprised to see this at all.
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    Kirk Ferentz appreciation thread

    A lot of kids play/played in the NFL that had no other P5 offers.
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    KF basically calls Wadley a liar. "Some of the things were just flat-out not true." Now what?

    People will stoop to incredible lows when they’re desperate for money. I’ve heard Wadley was selling anything he could to get money in recent years. Don’t wish that on anyone but you have to question his motive.
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    Which Iowa football victories still make your heart leap with joy?

    The Capital One Bowl game because I was there, with a bunch of my best friends from HS, witnessing Sagan’s demise, Tates greatness and the best last second play in Iowa history.
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    Cancelling college football is NUTS!

    I guess they’d have to take our student loans like the rest of the country.
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    Cancelling college football is NUTS!

    Th big business of college sports is going to get exposed. The athletes are taking the lions share of the risk and getting a fraction of the reward. The other problem is what happens when personal injury attorneys get ahold of a student athlete dying. Is there foreseeability and negligence...
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    Does the athletic department need to go scorched earth at this point?

    there’s that narrative and then there’s the truth.
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    Effects of Kneeling

    If someone can’t afford to pay for a ticket, they should probably just follow the law and it wouldn’t be an issue.