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  1. ichawk24

    Nebraska the pity me program

    This is not true. The B1G has one protected crossover with Indiana/Purdue.
  2. ichawk24

    Redshirt Option

    They did? So current seniors have two years left? How did I miss this?
  3. ichawk24

    Rondale Moore officially back

    With CFB almost disappearing for us this year, I'm excited for everything with CFB this year. SUPER happy that Rondale is back. I hope the Minnesota WR can play. I hope all the pending guys can play. The world is kind of crappy right now. Some enjoyable CFB is what I need.
  4. ichawk24

    Nebraska the pity me program

    The only time OSU has punted in the last three meetings was in 2019, when they were up 48-7.
  5. ichawk24

    Nebraska the pity me program

    Already lining up the excuses for a fourth straight losing season.
  6. ichawk24

    Abilene Christian

    Abilene Christian's site is showing 8 games scheduled: Air Force is playing 2 games against Army and Navy:
  7. ichawk24

    Houston v Baylor cancelled tomorrow

    UNC/Charlotte too.
  8. ichawk24

    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    Let everyone play. This year is F$#!!@ and I'm not going to blame some 22 year old guys trying their best to navigate a pandemic.
  9. ichawk24

    Is the PAC12 playing ball this year?

    I heard on the WUW podcast months and months ago that the Iowa strength staff was making sure each Iowa player had a simple weight setup at home to train on their own. P12 could easily have done the same a long time ago. The football coaches and players have been adamant about wanting to play...
  10. ichawk24

    This season's "+1" format a look at the future?

    The league isn't going to tie their scheduling to a one-year window.
  11. ichawk24

    ***** Schedule Reveal Thread: Sep 19, 9AM on FOX. Game #9 at UNI Dome? Nebraska on Black Friday? MSU & PSU the Crossovers? *****

    Agreed. Neutral site games are doubling the travel for the game. On-campus is the way to go.
  12. ichawk24

    B10 Restart Details Emerge: No fans, all teams play 9 games

    No fans. All B1G teams will play a ninth game on the day of the conference title game. All 14 teams will play and are expected start games the...
  13. ichawk24

    Over/Under for 2020 Iowa Hawkeyes football games played

    My call of 5.5 is looking really good right now.
  14. ichawk24

    Don't shoot the messenger...

    LOLOLOLOL!!! You said to expect an announcement a month ago. The world has changed a million times over since then. You're like a broken clock bragging about being right twice a day.
  15. ichawk24

    Iowa State and Louisiana cleared to play

    Louisiana covers the spread by 30.
  16. ichawk24

    Iowa State and Louisiana cleared to play

    Another dream loss for ISU. They’ll win total yards and claim they were the better team.
  17. ichawk24

    Nate Stanley

    Nate's realistic NFL dream was making a practice squad this year, so it is all going according to plan. Good luck to Nate. Surprising that the team wants to carry 4 QB.
  18. ichawk24

    No vote happening

    The B1G has really been poor at PR for decades, while the SEC executes better and has risen partially as a result. Somehow we found a way to get worse at PR in Warren.
  19. ichawk24

    Jamie Pollard....I call BS!

    I don't know if this site is accurate or not, but it claims ICU space is at 60% of capacity. Iowa has about 549 ICU beds. Based on best available data, we estimate that 35% (192) are currently occupied by non-COVID patients. Of the 357 ICU beds remaining...
  20. ichawk24

    Iowa Assistant Football Coaches receive raises after cutting Swim program

    This is really bad optics, but the raises were previously agreed to.