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  1. desihawk

    Anyone have a Roomba or similar device

    Do not get if you have long-haired dwellers human or animal. effing waste of time.
  2. desihawk

    POLL: Who Will Be President next February.

    If polls are to be believed, Xi
  3. desihawk

    Most successful transistion from film to music, and vice versa?

    Doris Day i don’t think has been mentioned yet.
  4. desihawk

    3* TE James Carnie (Decommits from Miami-OH on Sep 12), 4* RB Audric Estime, 3* RB Jaylin White --2021 Out of State Offers

    kf and bf will get great production out of him but even if he goes to neb, as long as he occupies another (te) scholly there, it will still serve a purpose
  5. desihawk

    Study shows executed inmates lungs filled with fluid before they died.

    I am completely ignorant on this topic but if painless execution is the objective, isn’t morphine overdosing. known to accomplish this? also folks have been researching euthanasia forever...they must have painless death at the top of their requirements...
  6. desihawk

    When Was The Last Time You Felt The Country Was Truly United?

    i remain hopeful that 11/04/20 will give the other mentioned dates stiff competition.
  7. desihawk

    Is the USA a great country?

    no quibbles except for the smallish fraction part. from my perspective a greater fraction would do better here than there.
  8. desihawk

    Is the USA a great country?

    Economic/income numbers reflect this -- we are wealthier and more innovative in general and life is better here for most people. Hrot users who believe they would be happier in a place other than America are almost certainly delusional. Europeans who live here also think the world of America --...
  9. desihawk

    Is the USA a great country?

    Imo, this country is great for every strata in society except for those at the receiving end of the criminal justice system. I would say that for those who "work hard to simply maintain a middle class lifestyle" there is no place better or even comparable to the USA. I do agree that the...
  10. desihawk

    Trump assassination attempt

    i shall assume that the return address matches those from the random seeds envelopes from a few weeks ago.
  11. desihawk

    I have the solution for RBG’s replacement that should satisfy everyone...

    Obviously won't happen but what if Trump picks a centrist female democrat (a hypothetical Tulsi with abilities and interest)? I'm sure dems will reject the candidate but Trump could reap some benefits on election day.
  12. desihawk

    Friday Practice Photos

    So much baby fat on display. Only guy who actually improved his physique over the break seems to be Brian Ferentz.
  13. desihawk

    Paying someone to install tile

    op, what size tiles and type? i had a bathroom tiled not long ago. used large ceramic ones. the installer did an ok job overall but theres a couple spots right in front of a sink where tile corners are not level. guy said he couldn’t do any better coz the concrete base wasn’t level. does that...
  14. desihawk

    Johnston Hy-Vee is NOT going to be 100% self checkout after all!

    Your arguments are sensible but self-checkouts also eliminate cash and checks which allow a not insignificant chunk of work (it’s not just restricted to the store) to no longer be required.
  15. desihawk

    Twitter Suspends Chinese Virologist

    that’s laughable, they better hope that trump doesn’t ban hammer them but seriously, im still expecting twitter to ban trump before election day, they just haven’t figured out a good enough excuse.
  16. desihawk

    Tik Tok ban starting Sunday

    prop up the chinese
  17. desihawk

    Johnston Hy-Vee is NOT going to be 100% self checkout after all!

    Automation is here to stay and has been doing its thing for a very long time. If you use an atm happily, this is the same thing. that said, we should have a strategy for income/employment even as we embrace automation.
  18. desihawk

    Trump to block U.S. downloads of TikTok, WeChat on Sunday - officials

    Disconnect trump hatred from pragmatic self preservation. Feel free to engage in the former but why anyone would support shit chineseapps in our wireless ecosystem under the present circumstances is beyond me.
  19. desihawk

    ***** Schedule Reveal Thread: Sep 19, 9AM on FOX. Game #9 at UNI Dome? Nebraska on Black Friday? MSU & PSU the Crossovers? *****

    why would neb push for black friday? didn’t they want to (and just succeed) in getting out of it?