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    Will Americans continue to let Trumpism destroy our country and kill us.

    Do you ever wonder why the MSM and politicians have you lemmings constantly talking about Russia while China wreaks havoc across the globe? Apparently not, but you should.
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    Are Republicans good with a taxpayer funded campaign rally at the WH?

    Are Democrats good with this? What parts is he “mostly lying”about?
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    On a scale of 1-10, how worried should I be?

    Are you over 70?
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    A Slice of the Confederacy in the Interior of Brazil

    *mint* Who are your ancestors? You do realize that the odds are that they were racist, enslaving, murderers at some point, don’t you?
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    Pro-Trump OAN Host Jack Posobiec Linked To White Supremacists

    Doesn’t the SPLC consider everyone White Supremacists? The SPLC was exposed long ago as biased political activists. Yes, the same SPLC that fired and accused their co-founder of.....racism. In 2011, National Review‘s Charles Cooke pressed the SPLC as to why they weren’t tracking the Occupy...
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    BLM - Marxist Organization, Hoax, Mixture?

    So you’re basically saying to hold them to different, lower standards than the rest of society? That’s pretty racist IMO. Inner city neighborhoods are policed because 6% of the population commits half of the violent crime. Considering that, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they’ll...
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    BLM - Marxist Organization, Hoax, Mixture?

    Now that’s something that I can agree with. Do people prefer to hire uneducated, unqualified workers of any color? How do you transform any community that has existed in poverty for decades? Is color the main issue here? How do we fix it? It isn’t by proclaiming whitey to be the devil and...
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    BLM - Marxist Organization, Hoax, Mixture?

    Please provide these statistics. We have AA’s that have achieved every level of success in America. They are given preference in hiring , admissions, etc... I would love to see how you’ve misinterpreted whatever statistics that you’re referring to. Do you know where the most successful immigrant...
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    BLM - Marxist Organization, Hoax, Mixture?

    Quit trying to redefine “defund”. Minneapolis is discussing totally eliminating their police force. The redirect funds bs was their excuse for people like you to use once they realized that they screwed up by voicing their radical plans. The statistics do not show that the police department...
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    Tammy Duckworth embarrassing herself on National Television

    You’re going to have to explain how these facts are a “cop out”? As for the rest of your post, I hope you don’t think that I’m gonna argue that establishment Pubs aren’t massive POS just like establishment Dems. No need to discuss “ sneaking” things into a Bill when we had to essentially double...
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    Tammy Duckworth embarrassing herself on National Television

    Only in one country in a small sliver of time? There are more slaves today than at the time of the Civil War but it isn’t an issue at all. White slaves in North Africa, who have no ancestors because the men were castrated and children of the women killed aren’t even worth mentioning to the point...
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    43 hospital ICUs in 21 Florida counties have hit capacity & show 0 beds available

    I understand most Science although the gender thing gets me. I like anthropology and archaeology but find it worrisome that they’ve always defined past subjects as male of female but I digress. All will be well after November so actually.....4-5 more months.
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    43 hospital ICUs in 21 Florida counties have hit capacity & show 0 beds available

    :rolleyes: So we are moving “2 more weeks” to 4-6 now? Thanks Don Lemon.
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    Tammy Duckworth embarrassing herself on National Television

    The fact that you or anyone else considers statues of Lincoln and Washington “a thorny issue” really says it all.
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    Nursing home experimented on Veterans with Trumps unproven drug

    So they tried to save people using decades old “experimental” drug? Oh the horror! Now start a thread about what Cuomo and numerous other Democrat Governors did for those in nursing homes. You have no shame bro.
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    Tammy Duckworth embarrassing herself on National Television

    These tweets perfectly encapsulate the Lefts movement over the last few years.
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    Tammy Duckworth embarrassing herself on National Television

    I love the “both sides” argument when we have consistently seen activists, rioters and violence from only one side.
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    Good info from a former GOP insider on Trump and some whys

    I never said that it was, I was countering you saying that he wasn’t reactionary but instead an instigator. Many of the things that Trump was accused of lying about turned out to be true yet his detractors act oblivious and continue running with the original bs narrative. I really just don’t GAF...
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    Collin oppression

    Please explain to me where the US doesn’t have “equality for all”? I know that is a nice buzz phrase but it makes zero sense. This is what you support. Do you despise the US too? Do you think that the thoughts on slavery should apply to the white slaves of North Africa or slavery that exists...