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    greatest quotes

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    greatest quotes

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    Iowa DMR Presidential Poll Gender Gap

    And in turn, they regularly get down on their knees and thank me.
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    A parent just refused to have her kid do part of my online lesson.

    What I don't understand is, when you have people like this, shouldn't they WANT things their children to be taught ideas and issues that they oppose? It does 2 things. First, it gives their child the opportunity to learn both sides and why the other side goes against what they believe which...
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    Steve King - Author

    Will probably be more fictitious than a Stephen King book.
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    Is there a better old timey musician than Johnny Horton?

    My personal favorite:
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    During a traffic stop

    I had one once ask me if my refrigerator was running.
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    Uh oh...Beavis is angry at the NFL

    What a fartknocker.
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    ****Official 2021 Super Bowl Champs Thread****

    There's only one correct answer.
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    A Classroom Divided This is a documentary about an Iowa teacher who, on the day after MLK was shot, did an experiment where she segregated the kids with brown eyes and blue eyes. The blue eyed kids were put to shame all day, while the brown eyed kids were treated much better. She had one...
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    Wrong way driver in Hardin County on Hwy 20 kills 3

    On April 26, the Bremer County Sheriff’s Office stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. Further investigation led to the arrest of Spencer Bultman, age 20, from Hampton for operating while intoxicated, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.
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    If you mispronounce Kamala's name, you're a racist...

    Because he was one of my favorite wrestlers.
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    I'm a centrist because I don't need someone with a certain letter behind their name to tell me what to think about certain issues. I analyze the issues and decide for myself what I want to think. Sometimes I agree with the D's and sometimes the R's. So I guess you could say I go both ways. ;)
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    Would ya?

    I would need to see the spouses and mistresses before deciding.
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    Favorite WWE/WWF moment of all time

    The time Marty Jannetty jumped through the Barber Shop window to escape getting his ass kicked by Shawn Michaels.
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    Unwritten rules in baseball are a joke

    I hate the one that says you can't bunt against the shift. Nope, just hit it where most of their players are. I don't get that one at all. You have a strategy and we have a strategy to beat it.
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    Unwritten rules in baseball are a joke

    In little league, fine, don't run up the score. It's the MLB. If that hurts your feelings, you shouldn't be there. It doesn't matter if you lose by 15 or by 1, it's still a loss in the standings.