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  1. Kurt Warner

    Iowa TE's

    I would say it's because of all the TE's the hawks put in the league. High school players see this and want to be part of it and know the nfl looks to iowa for great te's
  2. Kurt Warner


    Sorry if it was posted somewhere but has anyone heard about tv for the games yet? Thanks in advance
  3. Kurt Warner

    official schedule release

    Why were the arrogant, they just wanted to play fb. I commend them for putting up a fight.
  4. Kurt Warner

    Thank you...

    So true, the media and liberals worshipped the worst president in the history of the usa. Shows how smart they are.
  5. Kurt Warner

    Virginia-Va Tech Sept. 19 game already postponed: You'll never guess why

    Auger, it's hopeless to argue with idiots like this dip s***. Yeah he's just a punk ass little antifa bitch that's gonna get bitch slapped one of these day, mark my words
  6. Kurt Warner

    Virginia-Va Tech Sept. 19 game already postponed: You'll never guess why

    Lol, what a pair of idiots. Why don't you leave this country if it's so bad you d bags, do us all a favor
  7. Kurt Warner

    Dillon Doyle

    Lol believe me they are some hum dandies... the guy is a nutcase 😐
  8. Kurt Warner

    Dillon Doyle

    You have just been promoted from idiot to full blown idiot
  9. Kurt Warner


    He's right
  10. Kurt Warner

    Early scores from around the Big 10 Week 1:

    Lol, awesome...well done
  11. Kurt Warner

    Rumors of October Start

    Man I hope this happens!
  12. Kurt Warner

    Nebraska players' lawsuit seeks to restore Big Ten fall football

    Good job, time to stand up to the idiots in charge
  13. Kurt Warner

    Thomas Fidone to Nebraska

    I for one was getting fidone fatigue, glad it's over. Now the hawks can thump him on the field...someday maybe
  14. Kurt Warner

    21 COVID-19 cases? No problem at Texas Tech as practice continues

    You make that clear post after post
  15. Kurt Warner

    New US covid cases peaked July 17th,

    You have to be the most ignorant SOB on earth
  16. Kurt Warner

    Telling tweet

    You are right on about the stupid people on here, you reinforce that fact every time you post:confused:
  17. Kurt Warner

    This sounds even worse, regarding Warren

    There's no doubt in my mind many wouldn't hesitate to do so