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    greatest quotes

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    Favorite division of NFL?

    NFC North followed by AFC West.
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    Norvell Tests Positive for Covid-19

    What an idiot!
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    Spot the (Russian) troll

    6/8, there was a girl from Ankeny, IA account linked that I actually thought it could be a girl from Ankeny. Well played, Russia.
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    Bears vs Lions

    They may need to revisit their "Dagger Time" theme.
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    Netflix recommendation: My Octopus Teacher

    I believe octopuses have self awareness, just like humans. Also, Deery Girls is a fun watch on Netflix.
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    #100pages FSU Natty

    Is that punter wearing shorts?
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    #100pages FSU Natty

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    🤣 Another blocked kick!
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    Did Alex Hornibrook teach Blackman how to throw?
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    Look at the bright side Hawkeye fans

    Lol Iowa State, getting their ass beat in their own house!
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    air fryers

    I guess, if your main use is heating up small things, it has it’s advantages.
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    air fryers

    I just thought that people had a normal convection oven, which is a superior product.
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    air fryers

    Air fryers are just small convection ovens, talk among yourselves.
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    I saw it in a CEC LDX theater, where you can pick your seats and they pretty much have it at 40% capacity. It was with my brother and me, and two other people in the theater. You pick your seat when you buy your ticket and they have seats blocked off. I think Iowa is full open on movie...
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    SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS I thought it was really good as well.
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    Best Disney soundtrack?

    IMO, Fantasia followed closely by The Jungle Book.
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    Caption this

    This reminds me, the only Trump cabinet position that you don't read about in the news, is Ben Carson. 🤷‍♂️