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  1. runkpanole

    greatest quotes

    “'Cause I've met some people, ok? Real people. And a lot of them are f***ing idiots.” — Selina Meyer, Veep
  2. runkpanole

    Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested For Not Wearing a Mask At A Game

    Who is the bigger dumb f? The lady taping and talking or the lady who couldn’t follows simple commands?
  3. runkpanole

    New Poll. Biden up by 3% in Iowa over Lady Trumpa

    Drugs are bad mkay
  4. runkpanole

    New Poll. Biden up by 3% in Iowa over Lady Trumpa

    And a new Florida poll has Biden down 4 in Florida. Much too early for anyone to be spiking any footballs.
  5. runkpanole

    What age did you let your kids drink coffee?

    I didn’t really drink coffee until I was almost done with college. My wife on the other hand is Cuban and Puerto Rican. She was probably given coffee in her baby bottle.
  6. runkpanole

    The Doors were one of the very best rock bands of all time

    Jim Morrison was arrested by Tallahassee Police Department while a student at Florida State. That automatically makes him awesome.
  7. runkpanole

    Challenger 1986

    Same. I remember the nonstop news coverage as well. Which at that time was rare.
  8. runkpanole

    Election Rage - What not to do

  9. runkpanole

    DO vs MD

    I’d see a DO as my PCP, but would prefer to see an MD for specialty. In Florida MDs and DOs are licensed by different boards, but the qualifications for licensure and standard of care are largely the same.
  10. runkpanole

    Is your affinity for a pick up truck derailing your retirement plans?

    I’ve had my Chevy Malibu for 11.5 years now. I bought it for about $23K. It’s been a good car, but man do I want a truck. I’ll be chilling with the Malibu for at least another year though. Damn wife (no pic) is to practical and pointed out that it is long paid off and we are driving a lot...
  11. runkpanole

    I imagine this is how @chrishawk begins every morning 😂

    No self respecting man is drinking white claws with OJ.
  12. runkpanole

    Official Braves 2020 thread

  13. runkpanole

    Cindy McCain endorses Joe Biden

    Thanks for not disappointing.
  14. runkpanole

    Cindy McCain endorses Joe Biden

    I’m just here to watch some posters make asses out of themselves by besmirching a man who has more heroism and integrity in his pinky than they will ever have because he dared question his party.
  15. runkpanole

    Your Most Despised College Football Team/Program.

    Iowa. Those m’fing fans are horrid! Haven’t won a championship since before my dad was born. @joelbc1 started it. Seriously, the school from Hogtown, the team from Coral Gables. Ohio State because of Urban Meyer. Pedo State. Auburn.
  16. runkpanole

    Voting: Why shouldn't there be a test/minimum requirement?

    Thought of this thread just now after reading an exchange between a long time Florida political reporter and some ding bat. Reporter: I get at least one message a week about recalling the Governor. Florida doesn’t have a recall provision, you’ll have to wait until 2022. Response 1: What are...
  17. runkpanole

    Florida Man arrested at Costco in Tallahassee

    Recent candidate for Florida Senate arrested for allegedly trespassing at Costco
  18. runkpanole

    How sorry do you feel for the folks in the frozen north who keep getting hammered by blizzards?

    We may hit the 40s before Christmas for a few hours. I’ll be bundled up like an Eskimo.
  19. runkpanole

    Travel Observations. From southern Indiana and southern Ohio

    Yeah, but around Tifton are an awful lot of Aisian massage parlors advertising to truckers.
  20. runkpanole

    How sorry do you feel for the folks in the frozen north who keep getting hammered by blizzards?

    I feel horrible for them. I send them nothing but warmth, hoping like hell they stay up north. Florida is closed.