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  1. Eternal Return

    What’s your predicted order of fini

    EAST: 1. Ohio State 2-7. Who cares? West: 1. Iowa 2. Wisconsin 3. Minnesota 4. Purdue 5. Illinois 6. Northwestern 7. Iowa walk-ons 8. Wisconsin managers 9. Minnesota's November weather 10. Nebraska
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    Does College Football really need 85 scholarship players?

    Part of HR's lore, but pales in comparison to the all-time great "That's not me, it's my jacket!"
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    Joey Labas Updates + Sports Illustrated Story on how Ricky Stanzi played big part in Iowa landing him

    Hookers and blow, hookers and blow. If you get the hookers, you gotta remember to get the blow, too. ;)
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    My biggest concerns besides injuries this season are temperatures and weather, especially weather. Every team will have to deal with it, but it will affect some teams more than others. The two phases of the game that will likely be most impacted are the passing game and special teams. Of all the...
  5. Eternal Return

    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    They may have him punt on a second down late in the game just to get him some work. I would have said third down but I do not see Ohio State failing to gain first downs two plays in a row until late in the 4th quarter.
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    UL-Laf (except in Ames)

    In fairness, Georgia State has a much better football team than ISU.
  7. Eternal Return

    Iowa State On Upset Alert This Weekend

    Yes, ISU played so badly that the NCAA gave them 2 losses for that game.
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    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    You beat me to it! lol
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    Yeah, from all indications that's been the issue for Baker Mayfield in the NFL. On Thursday night's game, they did a lot of play-action bootlegs with Mayfield rolling out of the pocket to get a clear view of the field. Of course, that only works when the running game is lighting it up (the...
  10. Eternal Return

    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    The amount of suck resulting from Nebraska and Rutgers playing under the same dome would likely result in a scene like this:
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    Clemson vs. The Citadel today

    Well, they switched to 3rd and 4th string guys in the second quarter, guys with names like Taison Phommachanh and DJ Ukulele -- actually spelling is "Uiagalelei," but you know his teammates call him Ukulele.
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    From what I remember, the talk was that Cronk was projected to guard in the NFL and that was why there was talk of a switch. I know, seems huge for a guard in college, but I'm not that familiar with the size of NFL guards any more. Maybe they're trending to be taller than they used to be? I...
  13. Eternal Return

    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    Yes, 0-8 Nebraska will be favored against 0-8 Rutgers in the matchup of #7 seeds at the end of the year.
  14. Eternal Return

    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    Throwing shade at Nebraska maybe?
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    I remember hearing some noise in the spring about Cronk moving to guard and Kallenberger to tackle. Maybe that got shelved with the coronavirus, though--just have guys stay where they've had experience in the past.
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    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    That's true. Ohio State may only win by 5 TDs instead of the more likely 7 TD victory they would have gotten with fans in the stands.
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    Clemson vs. The Citadel today

    The Citadel against Clemson?
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    VOTE: Which team wins the B1G West?

    So you wanted to play this year, eh, Debby? 🤣🤣🤣
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    PSA - wear a mask to support college football

    The 2.5 million prediction was only if nothing at all was done to mitigate the spread of the virus leading to half or more of the country getting the virus all at once or in a short-time frame that would cause hospitals and health coverage to be too overwhelmed to be able to treat people who...