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  1. scotthawk1964

    Redshirt Option

    Well, hopefully the NCAA is more on their game then the IHSAA. LOL
  2. scotthawk1964

    Nebraska the pity me program

    I stopped by the Little Debbie State Rivals site last night and saw Purdue posters on there bashing them. LOL So, I guess it's not just Iowa fans putting it to the Little Cakesters, it must be the fashionable thing to do now. ;)
  3. scotthawk1964

    U if I Athletics for All or Some ???

    Really, you don't have anything better to do tonight? Your rant lost me after the first paragraph, but I'll let you in on a little secret, 'There are no guarantee's in life". Ok, that's not a secret, it's a well know saying, but since I only got a paragraph into your rant, that's the best I got...
  4. scotthawk1964

    Does College Football really need 85 scholarship players?

    I'd be in favor to dropping the scholarships limit to say 75. It would help to level the playing field to some extent, and it would require schools to have a good walk on program. I think it would really benefit schools like Iowa, Wisconsin and others who have been on the heals of the blue bloods.
  5. scotthawk1964

    VOTE: Which team wins the B1G West?

    I'm voting Hawks. I know Bucky has been on top, but I think it is time for them to come down a notch or two. The past couple years, Bucky really hasn't been better then Iowa on the field, they just made less mistakes, and Iowa (if Petras comes along) has most if not all the pieces to be really good.
  6. scotthawk1964

    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    Everyone in politics is a partisan hack.
  7. scotthawk1964

    MAC wants in now

    Let the Big Mac play. 😁
  8. scotthawk1964


    Agreed, with a limited number of games on the schedule, tOSU needs to play and beat the best the BiG has to offer, and in the west that would be Wisconsin and Iowa. Maybe Minnesota if they are at the same level as last season, but other then the QB I am not sure what they have returning. .
  9. scotthawk1964

    No football is a good thing

    How is it selfish if players who are over the age of 18 want to play, and coaches who are over the age of 18 want to play? They know the risks, it's their decision, not ours. I think it's more selfish for others to make decisions for those who are capable of making decisions for themselves.
  10. scotthawk1964

    3* TE James Carnie (Decommits from Miami-OH on Sep 12), 4* RB Audric Estime, 3* RB Jaylin White --2021 Out of State Offers

    If true, I'll take great potential with our history of TE's and our TE coaching. ;)
  11. scotthawk1964

    Virginia-Va Tech Sept. 19 game already postponed: You'll never guess why

    So tell us what you really think? LOL Just what you posted was arrogant and plain stupid.
  12. scotthawk1964

    Matt Campbell vs. Paul Rhoads

    Campbell is a good coach, but I think we're seeing he's not a great coach. He is just about always going to lose out on the state's top recruits to the Hawks. I think his plateau at ISU is going to be around .500 for the most part.
  13. scotthawk1964

    Anyone want to see my kid’s 85 yard touchdown last night?

    I don't know what is more impressive, his 85 yard run, or the fact he didn't succumb to Covid along the way.:eek:LOL Sorry, just a weak joke for our doomsday Covidsters...... But, I am very glad he is getting the chance to play. Good luck to him the rest of the season. ;)
  14. scotthawk1964

    Arland Bruce has arrived & is practicing w/ Brody Brecht at Ankeny. As of now, INELIGIBLE to Play.

    With all the crap going on in the world, let the kid play for cryin out loud.
  15. scotthawk1964

    The cluster that is the Big Ten...

    Thank you, my sister served 24 years in the Navy, and my son was USAF. Thank you sir for your service. ;)
  16. scotthawk1964

    The cluster that is the Big Ten...

    Stop being a self rightous douchbag asshat. It's my right as a US Citizen, X US Air Force vet and former DOC not to watch a man who was a third string QB making 19 million bucks a year dishonor our flag. Am I on here telling others not to watch the NFL? NO......I'm exercising my own rights. You...