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  1. GunnerHawk

    Sep 23 Practice Photos

    Joe is ripped, Patrick and Joe are more filled out and Nunge looks stronger. Perkins looks ready physically to play in the BIG. Will be an interesting year for sure.
  2. GunnerHawk

    "Fifteen SEC and Big 12 college towns have 'uncontrollable' COVID levels. Yet they plan to host as many as 25,000 fans for a game."

    If the Hawks had played Saturday against the Clones, I would have been there. Put on a mask and keeps some distance. Take a few hand wipes. Covid doesn't mean you have to hide in your basement. My wife and I have traveled numerous times by car and plane. So far no issues because we are careful...
  3. GunnerHawk


    Thank you BYU and Navy for giving us college football this weekend. Also high school football. Not sure how they can do it and BIG can't. Even bought new wheels for our drives to Iowa for games, I guess we will be seeing Maine this fall, something my wife and I always wanted to do. Hopefully...
  4. GunnerHawk

    Iowa's chance at First B1G Championship in 42 years just got better; Tillman staying in NBA Draft

    Doubt any team will have a home court advantage this season. Doubt many fans, if any will be allowed to attend.
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    Listened to wuw with JD and JL again.

    I do not totally agree with graduation rates being totally on the players. Many African American players do not receive the same education as kids from Iowa or other rural/small town school systems. These kids need extra assistance to get caught up. I was not a very good student in high school...
  6. GunnerHawk

    All the best

    My wife and I have been Hawkeye fans for almost 60 years, loyal fans, season ticket holders, and proud supporters of Iowa football. No longer living in Iowa, we have traveled to see our beloved Hawks from coast to coast. My wife and I estimate over 150K road miles, 100K air miles and countless...
  7. GunnerHawk

    Covid's impact on college age students

    In South Carolina here are recent stats: 11% cases under age 20 - 0 deaths 36% between 21 and 50 - 0 deaths under 30, 2% between 31 and 50 (preexisting conditions) 37% cases between 51 and 70, 30% of the deaths, once again preexisting conditions big factor) 16% over age 70 - 68% of deaths...
  8. GunnerHawk

    POLL: Who's next to commit for Iowa?

    Hoping Fidone becomes a Hawk, but I don't think he'll commit anytime soon. Not sure we'll take two more WR, I think it will be Johnson committing before Bell's May announcement.
  9. GunnerHawk

    Fidone commit?

    With our improved WR talent I think you may see more one back sets with two TE's and three WR's or three TE's and two WR's. One TE can go in motion to block.
  10. GunnerHawk

    Fidone commit?

    Fidone and Brecht would be the icing on the cake for swarm 2021 in the state of Iowa. Birky is correct, these are Iowa generated graphics. June 19th is shaping up to be a huge recruiting weekend with all current commits, plus Davidkov, Parks, Brecht, Alt, Bruce, Llewellyn, and Johnson visiting...
  11. GunnerHawk

    Debbie spent $28 Million for severance pay to fired football& men’s basketball coaches in last 15yrs

    I'll bet their purse strings are really stretched with the 66% reduction from the NCAA.
  12. GunnerHawk

    OT : I hope my Hawkeye friends are doing well

    Most of South Carolina is shut down. Case count has jumped significantly in the last few days. Restaurants and bars are open for carry-out or drive through only, much like Iowa. Weather has been really nice but pollen is awful right now. Everything is yellow, suppose to rain so that will help...
  13. GunnerHawk

    What will the sports channels do?

    How many times can the big ten network show the commissioners interview. Glad weather is getting nicer, will get in more fishing. Thanks to the men and women's winter sports for helping us through the winter. Feel bad for the kids, they've worked so hard.
  14. GunnerHawk

    2nd Junior Day

    Looks like a nice day to host swarm 21 and 22 prospects. Another solid group visiting. Anxious to see if any commits come out of the day.
  15. GunnerHawk

    Four to go, how do we finish

    MSU is tough at home, especially against the Hawks Illinois will want revenge We will be out for revenge against Penn State and Purdue at home I think we'll go 2-2, but although think this team has a lot of fight in them. What a season, very proud of these Kids. Playing through tremendous...
  16. GunnerHawk

    Ohio State at IOWA on ESPN Thursday

    Actually the Buckeyes match up very well against the Hawks unfortunately. - Their bigs play well inside - They are a very good three point shooting team, our perimeter defense has been suspects at times - They have very good athletes - Remember, they were ranked #2 early, had a mid-season...
  17. GunnerHawk

    Fran Fade Narrative

    QUOTE="Chishawk1425, post: 7396336, member: 102113"]Lots of tickets still available............ Thought it was a sellout
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    I read where Allen Trieu said he will be a 4th to 6th round NFL pick when he is ready. Come on Allen, where do you get this? These so called recruiting experts are the guys that make me laugh. Against 2A talent he should dominate, not sure that is the case. I've already wished him the best...
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    Hawks had a solid class at DE with Craig, Black and Van Ness last year. Bowie is already committed to swarm 21. I think we have a good shot at Montgomery and several other tall DE's. Wish Trevor success but I think his ship has past. Now Fidone is another story, hope the Hawks can somehow get...
  20. GunnerHawk

    Marching Band In Ames Scandal Finally Put To Bed

    Weak attempt at humor, they did have depositions from 12 witnesses and thousands of pages of documentation and there wasn't evidence to convict. Give it a rest.