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  1. Kidhawk2.0

    The Best Canned Drinks for Getting Hammered

    They are good!
  2. Kidhawk2.0

    Editing Reruns on Sitcoms

    You're not serious, are you? Seinfeld is arguably the best sitcom of all time. Cheers was very funny, but feels pretty dated (it is 30-40 years old). I liked Friends, but mostly to check out Monica and Rachel.
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    Editing Reruns on Sitcoms

    I don't have a big 'problem' with this, but I think it is dumb. Elaine correcting Morty makes him the butt of the joke. It's like what happened on All in the Family. Archie said racist / sexist things, but they made him look bad, thus revealing an old, inappropriate way of thinking.
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    Florida woman....

    She's insane. Any idea what set her off?
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    I hate Tom Izzo

    I wonder why he supported Lick?? Hmm....
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    Another Costo Karen... this time throws a 3 year old's tantrum

    If anyone wants to know what it is like to be a middle school teacher, show them this video. Also, the crazy Target lady was arrested? I don't support what she did. I think she is crazy...but it seems like the cops have let LOTS of things slide lately, but not this??
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    WTF, Iowa?

    Caucuses are stupid. To be fair, I've never been to one in person, but I watched one (from beginning to end) on TV when Obama and Hillary were going at it. I couldn't believe how chaotic it was. I want my vote counted...not my second or third choice counted. Primaries are absolutely the...
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    Can you name a more frustrating game?

    @PITT with Jake in and Stanzi sitting.
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    When will the replay be aired?

    Since I barely remember the second half, and my DVR didn’t tape to infinity, I was wondering if anyone knew when the game would be re-aired.
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    Of all the things that get made fun of on here, which do you actually like?

    Torbee is correct. That is M2...and his order matches mine.
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    Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike. Backfired as only supporters are Pro-Choice people.

    She is hot-ish and overrated at the same time. Not worth the headaches.
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    Whats Your Lineup Now?

    My take- 1- Conner / Joe T (??...if Joe is ready, I'd like him to get the majority of minutes) 2- JoBo / Frederick (80/20) 3- Joe W / PMac (80/20) 4- Kriener / Nunge (50/50) 5- Garza / Pemsl (75/25) Till could probably help at the 3,4,5 if needed.
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    Subway has zero ****ing clue what proportions to use on their sandwiches

    The 'V' cut was way better when ordering a meatball sub. The meatballs were packed below, with topping ON TOP. What an idea.
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    Privileged BY KYLE KORVER

    Good article. My only 'problem' is the sentence below. How do we make things right? I am all in on calling out subtle racism, which he suggests. I can, and do, do that. But how do I, white male, help change the crimes rates and educational problems of minorities? How do I help with...
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    Kid Rock rubs his crotch all over the US flag as he golfs with flag loving Trump.

    Love me some KidHawk...I mean Kid Rock.
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    Ooh, this is a challenging wouldja!!

    Are we sure she isn't MOMO?
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    Parks and Rec is....

    Yes. Judd Apatow was a writer.
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    Parks and Rec is....

    I'm old...but what about "The Larry Sanders Show" Hey Now....
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    Kaepernick is a POS (unrelated to kneeling)

    I am not faux anything. Please explain why this is the dumbest argument ever?
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    Kaepernick is a POS (unrelated to kneeling)

    What I have never totally understood about this Kaepernick situation is how many who support him feel it is OK to protest 'on company time'. To me that is the whole issue. If people feel strongly about something, they should absolutely have the right to protest on their own time. But while at...