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    where did you learn the game of baseball

    Any empty lot with the neighbor kids and my brothers. Man we played a lot of baseball. We would change lots depending on who was hitting the ball to far such as to many over the street meant time to find a bigger spot. How many baseballs I put on top of the band room and ruin the game that day...
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    Will you watch Iowa State this season?

    Nope probably won’t watch much football at all
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    What is the best city in Iowa?

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    Sounds Like Kirk Canceled Iowa's Practice Today

    Did he maybe cancel practice due to the storm they were about to get?
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    Drake Kulick, Kevin Ward

    I enjoy their podcast I’ve listened to all of them in the last 3 weeks.
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    Drunk Texting an Ex?

    Text her screw her block her and a couple months later do it all over again until you find a better piece.
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    High school Indian mascots changing?

    Heck every town named Pocahontas probably has the Indian as their mascot suppose they will need to change.
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    ATV rental

    We rented from Edge Rental 605-578-0525. We were looking for a six seater and by the time we decided to rent most places were booked. They have the Viking VI 6 seaters hopefully they are a good company to deal with.
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    ATV rental

    So the family is going to rent a side by side next week. The place we are renting from doesn’t offer insurance for me to buy to cover any damage. Should I contact my insurance lady and get a bit of coverage? It’s for 1day in the Black Hills.
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    Things that make you scream like a girl and run away.

    Fat naked people other than myself of course.
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    Fastest Iowa player in history?

    Andy Brodell was pretty dang fast against Texas and ISU.
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    How security systems

    I would love this it would be awesome shoot first ask questions later.
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    How security systems

    So our little town has had a rash of break ins lately so I’m thinking it’s time to buy a security system of some sort. What do you guys have and are you happy with it?
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    Dillon Doyle to Baylor

    Dillion Doyle is heading to Baylor per David Eickholt Twitter.
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    Red Pandas

    Does that thing fly? I’d hate to have it crap on my car.
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    Doyle gone

    Iowa bad Chris Doyle reach an agreement and he is done at Iowa per multiple Twitter posts. Tom Kakert and Morehouse are both reporting it.
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    Iowa sporting events in Minny

    well guess I should have read better
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    Iowa sporting events in Minny

    Someone out East did this and it seems to have worked. I believe they fired all of them and than rehired the ones they wanted and hired new ones also. So it really wasn’t getting rid of all of them. I just can’t remember which city it was.
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    Worst hotel/motel you've ever stayed at

    pretty sure I’ve stayed there coming home from Texas once.