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    What loss still burns you the most as an Iowa fan?

    2010 Wisconsin game was brutal
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    No Ivy League Sports Until Jan. 1st At Least

    Some of these decisions are so mind-boggling that it's hard to believe it's purely naivety on the part of the decision-makers. If their goal is to completely eliminate all risks associated with this virus then we are never going to have sports again and we'll probably be locked in our houses forever
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    Let’s hope for a happy Sunday

    Yeah AY and Damian Sims were a pretty nice tandem on those 06 and 07 teams. Too bad there wasn't a whole lot of talent around them
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    Proven playmakers

    The OL should be better this year too. I think Goodson's going to have a breakout year
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    In 1972, the UI President proposed re-naming Iowa Stadium to Kinnick-Slater Stadium. Is it time NOW?

    You're probably right, I kinda skimmed through the tweets and with the current climate just assumed they were trying find other anecdotes of the University being racist. I'm all for them changing the name and doing more to honor African-American athletes as long as it's done for the right...
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    Texas Athletes Publish List of Demands

    And fund domestic terrorist organizations...
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    TJ Bollers to Wisconsin

    Nahhh... Kirk 4.0 is gonna pull out all the stops
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    Mark Emmert and Hawk Central are not pro Hawks

    More like Tyler Wiegers 2.0, it was clear he had his fair shot at that starting job and Petras beat him out. Mansell's wife is in Texas and transferring gave him an opportunity to be closer to her and get playing time. It was in both party's best interest
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    Encouraging Article About Iowa Football

    Higgins not Wiggins
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    This was mentioned in another thread then I ran across it on Twitter

    I would think Ferentz and Doyle would go after some of these media personalities as well. Some of the stuff I've heard and read is incredibly defamatory
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    And I’m suppose to agree with the looting...

    Yep and ironically it's probably hurt people in the black community the most
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    And I’m suppose to agree with the looting...

    Why should we understand it? These people are destroying communities that in many cases have a large African-American population. It will take years if not decades for them to recover if they do at all. The idea that America is so horribly racist that rioting is the only vessel for change is a...
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    "You basically need to get everybody outta there"

    That's a good thing now
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    ESPN article contradicts Morrow's post

    Offfff course you do. If it makes you feel a little better, a white player sure as hell isn't going to call out any of these players if they're lying either
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    "You basically need to get everybody outta there"

    Ahh yes let's discredit someone based solely on the color of their skin. That's not racist at all
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    ESPN article contradicts Morrow's post

    It's almost like some of these guys have ulterior motives. Shocking
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    Players who left program need to be heard

    Have you ever been to a hipster coffee shop? I guarantee you'll see a white guy with earrings. To say no white guys wear earrings is a pretty big generalization and quite frankly racist. If they want to lift the ban that's fine but to imply the staff implemented that part of the dress code to...
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    ESPN article contradicts Morrow's post

    I kinda figured there might be details missing from his account of the story
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    Players who left program need to be heard

    We shouldn't automatically dismiss them but I think it's completely fair to be more skeptical of some of these guys' stories. Especially those that have been critical of the program in the past and didn't bring these things up. And having a dress code that doesn't allow wearing hoodies and...