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    Friday 9/25 Practice Photos

    Doubt Iowa will be playing much 4-3 first couple of weeks at least. Purdue and Northwestern both will spread you out all game. But plenty of time for 3 linebackers at 2 spots. And Jacobs may get his feet wet in pass-rushing situations.
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    Analysis: Is Iowa good enough defensively to win a National Championship?

    The defensive efficiency numbers take pace of play out of the conversation in terms of defining what is good/bad defense. Virginia is good at defense on an efficiency basis. Plus they play slow, so the raw point totals are held down. There has been discussion on whether faster pace contributes...
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    Rondale Moore officially back

    Purdue, probably is a bit of a sleeper. Their schedule is favorable and one would think the injuries would not hit as severely as last year. But until they do better than .500-ish, they have to do it. They get Rutgers and Indiana as their crossovers, which is a huge break compared to the other...
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    Analysis: Is Iowa good enough defensively to win a National Championship?

    LOL. It was accurate in that Oklahoma last year was not very good on defense and very good on offense. I know it breaks down after that.
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    Does this mean tennis, gymnastics and swimming can now be saved?

    It's a circular argument. It took me about 10 messages to get at what he/she was saying. I get that there are plenty of athletes on those teams who are paying some/all of their tuition, but what they are paying in goes to support their academic endeavors at Iowa. It pays for the professors...
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    Does this mean tennis, gymnastics and swimming can now be saved?

    The issue is the accounting for athletics and the university are separate. There are still costs for operating a swimming or gymnastics team, including salaries and insurance, travel, equipment, etc. Athletics have to pay for all of that themselves, plus make direct payments to the UI general...
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    Iowa State now letting 15k fans attend on Oct 3

    Correct. A lot of time between now and Oct. 24, and for Iowa its first home game is not until Oct. 31. No reason for Iowa to be declaring one way or the other on fans at this time. If Iowa State has had multiple games with 15 or 20k fans, then Iowa could perhaps have the same.
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    Analysis: Is Iowa good enough defensively to win a National Championship?

    It's a good analogy. Oklahoma was really low on the defensive efficiency metrics for football in 2019. Elite offense, mediocre defense.
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    Analysis: Is Iowa good enough defensively to win a National Championship?

    Yeah it's what some of us on the board have been saying for the last few years when the talk of deep tournament runs and Final 4's come up. It's why I'm not as high on Iowa's chances to win a Big 10 title as some others are. I like this team, a lot. Barring injury, they will likely win a lot of...
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    Analysis: Is Iowa good enough defensively to win a National Championship?

    I would agree with this. There is just no way Iowa becomes a really good defensive team. They just don't have the players to do it. As you pointed out, they are much more likely to be an elite offensive team. It does make it highly unlikely that they are a Final 4-type team, but there still is...
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    Maybe. He's 2 games into his NFL career. As others have said, Bills probably would have given him tons of snaps in the pre-season. No one can ever take away that second-round signing bonus money, that's his going forward. Would he have improved his draft stock with another year? Maybe. In his...
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    U if I Athletics for All or Some ???

    Yep, forgot about that. Thanks North. Basically it's to stop schools from doing what I outlined.
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    U if I Athletics for All or Some ???

    1) Don't agree. If they didn't care at all, Iowa would have only football, men's basketball and then enough women's sports to keep them compliant with Title IX. In fact, if college sports were really run like a business that is exactly what would happen. But Iowa has had men's/women's golf...
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    Does this mean tennis, gymnastics and swimming can now be saved?

    I have no idea what point hawkedoff is trying to make, Division III Coe and Iowa are different in how sports are funded, run and maintained. We all get how Division III sports run. No scholarships, kids are financing their own way through academic scholarships, money of their own or loans, or...
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    Arland Bruce has arrived & is practicing w/ Brody Brecht at Ankeny. As of now, INELIGIBLE to Play.

    Thanks Aurora for your previous post on this. None of this has ever made any sense. It's pretty obvious that the other transfers (that were approved) have similar situations, where part of the family is staying behind in the state where they came from. I don't see how they can approve Rubley and...
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    Hard schedule vs easy schedule

    There's an element of truth to that. OSU's schedule is never as hard as its opponents because they are better than everyone else. There is a difference between taking on the challenge of a difficult schedule and facing the realities of how a schedule can impact a season. It's no coincidence that...
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    OT: Cowboys-Falcons

    Can anyone explain that? Are they coached there to not touch the ball as they are not one of the designated people to recover the ball?
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    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    The Nebraska players helped by filing the case. It did some good in that the Big 10 had very little appetite for wanting to reveal all the documents as part of the FOIA request. It was a combination of that, OSU continuing to push to play and even the Iowa parents for writing the letter to Kevin...
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    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    The school I don't sued the Big 10, wasn't it 8 players and their parents who sued? By that rationale, the Big 10 should be pissed at Iowa as it was Iowa parents who organized the "protest" or whatever you call it at the Big 10 offices. I think the Big 10 likes Nebraska fine. Do I think it's...
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    Does College Football really need 85 scholarship players?

    it would be interesting to be sure. The game would be far different. The players are far bigger and faster across the board today than they were back then. The guys you mentioned would have all been great no matter the era, especially if given the advantage of the improvements in diet and...