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  1. Herkster5

    Weekend Plans?

    Combine beans and listen to ISU get smoked on Saturday.
  2. Herkster5


    Scores are a little lower than I expected them to be. Should be a fun four days!
  3. Herkster5

    from drought to rain forest

    Yeah, we got a new puppy about two weeks ago, and she's been miserable the last 3 days. Outside kennel (with cover, so she isn't just out in the rain), but doesn't want to play, doesn't want to go for a walk, just is pissed about it raining on her. Oh well
  4. Herkster5

    Name some rudimentary/mundane things you hate doing

    Anything in regards to laundry - I'll take care of the dishwasher, loading, unloading, every single time if I could get out of touching any laundry. Add in 3 kids under 6, and laundry is even worse.
  5. Herkster5

    So, laborers, what's on tap this weekend?

    Load some semi's full of corn, work on a dog kennel, drink too much? Seems about par for the course.
  6. Herkster5

    Opening Day of Dove season.

    hope you brought plenty of shells!
  7. Herkster5

    Opening Day of Dove season.

    Beautiful morning for it! 54 degrees up here in God's country. Good luck!
  8. Herkster5

    Chobani Flips Yogurt

    My 6 year old loves them.
  9. Herkster5

    A poop thread

    No, it'll hit in the middle of the night and continue in to tomorrow afternoon. Just block off the time on my calendar, make sure my phone is charged, and enjoy the burn.
  10. Herkster5

    A poop thread

    I'll take down 10 busch lights tonight and a jalapeno burger, and visit this thread tomorrow with the update...................
  11. Herkster5

    Weekend plans?

    Wedding tomorrow, moving a bunch of shit around in my shop on Sunday, so I can get electrical trenched into it next week! Then start on insulating, sheeting, etc. Anyone wanna loan me some money?
  12. Herkster5

    The Unraveling of America

    Beat me by a minute!
  13. Herkster5

    The Unraveling of America

    No one talking about the boob in the back of the first picture with the two wearing censored stickers?
  14. Herkster5

    First major of the year boys!

    I'm in a large fantasy league where you only get to pick a golfer for ONE tournament of the year. I've got a few big hitters left, but man, it gets tough to do late in the year. Used up JT and Webby Simpson this last week at the WGC, and since this is a major, we get to pick two golfers again.
  15. Herkster5

    Iowa Farmers here, please answer me this...

    Rent that shit to the highest bidder and take home $300k a year :)
  16. Herkster5

    Iowa Farmers here, please answer me this...

    Since you seem to be so knowledgeable in these subsidies, what can a farmer expect to get year to year from the government? Please answer in $/acre benefit from these subsidies that actually comes to these farmers as deposits into their bank account. I'll wait...
  17. Herkster5

    Iowa Farmers here, please answer me this...

    Well, depends on the math. $450 an acre of inputs can be a bit low for corn ground, and he didn't account for any rent payments. For most farmers, let's assume that of that 1000 acres of corn, he owns 100 acres. So, throw $250 an acre for rent on top of the $450 an acre (add in probably $50...
  18. Herkster5

    Dogs are awesome

    Makes me miss my pup, good thing I've got a new one coming here in 6 weeks!
  19. Herkster5

    She doesn't appear to get her feet

    I wasn't sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn't that! Oofta.
  20. Herkster5

    Heroes Act—Hazard Pay

    Call me a socialist and give me more free money!