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  1. hexumhawk

    Friday 9/25 Practice Photos

    They must have been listening to the comments on here! #2 sighting.
  2. hexumhawk

    Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested For Not Wearing a Mask At A Game

    You must have missed the part (intentionally) where Jacob Blake defies their orders repeatedly and goes for under his car seat to grab something. Nobody is sticking up for the cops in the Floyd case. The problem is they have tricked people to believe that the Floyd case is the norm.
  3. hexumhawk

    Inactions have consequences...

    Oh...I thought you said TLC
  4. hexumhawk

    Rondale Moore officially back

    Yes have been screaming about this for years. He treats his QBs with kid gloves offensively (especially on the road) until they are late Jrs and Sr. Sometimes you have to put it on them to go win the game, not just not lose it.
  5. hexumhawk

    people who shart while merging onto the interstate

    He has a strong "oh shit" look on his face and and a pronounced waddle
  6. hexumhawk

    Rondale Moore officially back

    IMO that is the key to our season. We have a bunch of talent all over the field especially on O. If our QB can produce we can be really good.
  7. hexumhawk

    Offensive facemask

    It happened in our bowl game against Mississippi St. if I remember correctly. Dude had a good run and got called for it.
  8. hexumhawk

    Rondale Moore officially back

    The two best WRs in the league both on our schedule were gone and now back it looks like.
  9. hexumhawk

    Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested For Not Wearing a Mask At A Game

    Agreed. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of this day and age where people think only black people are roughed up and tased for not following directions.
  10. hexumhawk

    Pretty good opinion piece on long-term consequences of rushing SCOTUS nominee

    This thread is another false info hit piece. If you want to look at the normal time frame for SC nominees here you go
  11. hexumhawk

    Fox News polls show Trump with huge gains

    This is going to be great!
  12. hexumhawk

    Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested For Not Wearing a Mask At A Game

    Amazing we aren't talking about race in this thread. Same rule goes for everyone- follow the rules and comply and you are probably not getting roughed up/tazed/shot by the police.
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    greatest quotes

    This one is pretty telling this day and age
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    Breonna Taylor

    Couple of problems with your scenario but you know that already. The police DID get fired upon and unless you are kreskin-like, how do you know what you are going to find in a search know, search.
  15. hexumhawk

    CJ Beathard’s Uncle

    That's an idiotic stance.
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    Weekend Plans?

    Maybe Home Depot,...not sure...
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    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    I agree but that isn't what BLM was built on. BLM was built on and is being sustained on an inconvenient lie.
  18. hexumhawk

    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    Well you got one! Fatherless homes is my #1- not a lone black problem but more prevalent in the black community for years. A vast majority of problems trickle down from this. poverty housing generational welfare upward economic mobility affirmative action To run your movement on the theory...
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    Favorite (Non Political) Machine

    This thread got a lot kinkier than I was predicting