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    CJ Beathard’s Uncle

    Do we really have to do this again? Yes, all lives matter. But employing the phrase in this context exhibits either spite or ignorance. If I went to a wedding and every time someone said “the bride looks beautiful” and I replied “actually, every person is beautiful” it would be spiteful or...

    CJ Beathard’s Uncle

    Personally I’m not a big fan of magic words and phrases, but you have to be a 10 year old or a dumbass moron to not understand that “all lives matter” is a statement meant to signal allegiance with the side of the racists at this point. Dressing it up with the trappings of faith is simply...

    Best Queen band Songs?

    I have always been particularly fond of: ‘39 Prophet’s Song

    Breonna Taylor

    That’s where I am. The drug war is tragically stupid and has its origins in racism and political persecution. I know cops and have one in the family, I think they are largely pawns in a bad game.

    Breonna Taylor

    If people were really concerned with the workplace safety of police officers, they would be outraged over the kind of stupid tactics police are forced to use in our stupid racist drug WAR. Expecting cops to risk their lives breaking down doors in the middle of the night, to look for a guy who...

    Challenger 1986

    3rd grade. I wanted to be an astronaut. I even had a NASA jacket I wore everywhere. I was home sick that day and watched the launch live. I made a life decision to not be an astronaut that day.

    Melania Trump is just another hypocrite


    Sports card Hobbyists—#thehobby

    I have a crap ton of 1986-1991 Fleer and Topps baseball cards. The most valuable used to be rookie Will Clark, Bo Jackson, Wally Joyner and the naughty Bill Ripken cards. Have the prices rebounded on those?

    When Was The Last Time You Felt The Country Was Truly United?

    I wasn’t really feeling it on or after 9/11, to tell the truth. I’ll go with something before my genx lifetime.
  10. JMNSHO

    Mitt Romney To Be Biden's Secretary Of State?

    It’s like I tell my kids. Watch out who you pal around with. It doesn’t matter if you are a good person or have good intentions if you are hanging with a bad crowd, you are one of them. During the 2012 election, Romney was sucking up to “the bad kids” and therefore his aspirations were a...
  11. JMNSHO

    6 B1G schools are 100% online, but no sports in Iowa???

    I honestly can’t get my head in a space where it makes sense to have a public entity that is trying to inhibit exposure by providing distance instruction while simultaneously facilitating exposure through mass gatherings such as sporting events, practices, etc. My kids’ school is in a hybrid...
  12. JMNSHO

    What’s on the menu this weekend?

    Yum. Pro tip: I find the trick with smoking pork is to make sure the fuel is actually on fire.
  13. JMNSHO

    What’s on the menu this weekend?

    I made an ancho venison chili last night. I’m trying to make some room in the freezer for the upcoming archery season. I’ll probably eat that for most of the weekend. I might slice up a roast to make some jerky, but that would have to start pretty soon here and I’m feeling like I might have a...
  14. JMNSHO

    James Marshall Hendrix

    The man was bold as love.
  15. JMNSHO

    Best songs with NWO in the title (in some form)

    another greeN WOrld
  16. JMNSHO

    One of the bedrock institutions of Wisconsin culture is dead!

    Nooooooooooooooooooo. I have very fond memories of the ski show and associated entertainment acts. My favorite was the contortionist who performed on the 50 foot flexible pole. Teenaged me was very impressed with her, um, abilities. I hope she will be okay.
  17. JMNSHO

    What did you think of Trump before he ran for President?

    In about 1990 I was sitting in Mr. Vick’s middle school math classroom, my mind was wandering, I started thinking about Trump, mostly because I had recently learned to play Euchre, and the word was rattling around in my brain. I concluded Trump was an asshole clown. This was reaffirmed during...
  18. JMNSHO

    Forkift rental question

    Humans have gone soft. It’s attitudes like this that result in our not having built any Pyramids in thousands of years.
  19. JMNSHO

    Breonna Taylor’s Family to Receive $12 Million Settlement From City of Louisville

    Do you deny the fact that Nixon selected drug law enforcement as a weapon against “hippies and blacks”? (His words) Do you deny the fact that no knock warrants, SWAT teams, etc proliferated largely as a feature of drug law enforcement? Do you deny the fact that police do not make the laws...
  20. JMNSHO

    Breonna Taylor’s Family to Receive $12 Million Settlement From City of Louisville

    Stunning takedown of my first paragraph. I take it you don’t believe my second paragraph then?