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    best get out the vote ad ever

    my bad
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    best get out the vote ad ever

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    greatest quotes

    "or your not gonna get Matt Gates who looks like he suffers too many wedgies each day' LOL forward to the 8:30 mark
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    Well this is awkward...

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    Here's the GOP strategy to steal the Election

    Drink bleach. UV lights up the bunghole rake the forests. exploding trees. nuke hurricanes it'll go away in april. 20,000/30,000 lies. Bay of pigs award (Doesn't exist) But we're the idiots??? don't you get tired of embarrassing yourself???
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    Melania Trump is just another hypocrite

    You should see her naked........oh wait. you and everyone else has. classy.
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    Trump Claims

    18. found cure for cancer. 19. ended world hunger. 20.. solved global climate change.
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    Trump Hate Rally 9-21 Highlights

    Which a trained chimpanzee could do.
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    Stay classy, diaper donnie
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    Your best songs with the word "night" in the song title?

    we have a winner.
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    Great reason to vote Biden

    forward to the 7:20 mark.
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    What magazines do you subscribe to? Digital, print, or both?
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    anti-maskers forced to dig graves

    So your saying unbeknownst to them they were digging their own graves???
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    anti-maskers forced to dig graves
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    Did you guys know...

    you're??? I am no clown fan by a long stretch as an Iowan I try to root for them when their not playing Iowa but I find it really hard.
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    Did you guys know...

    get outta here. I thought Clowntown was tight end U.
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    fall, fall,fall........

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    Trump got all creepy on Michael Cohen's 15 year old daughter.

    not my type. 15? over the hill.
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    Joe Biden claims he is best defense against super storms. Awesome.

    A flea couldn't get under it.