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    Poll: Do you believe a plane “loaded with thugs in dark uniforms“ went to DC?

    While I agree, it will look worse if he doesn't debate Trump. He will be labeled as scared. He needs to show that he can handle the pressure and that he is mentally fit.
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    Composite decking

    How well has the dekdrain worked?
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    Composite decking

    We had someone suggest something similar, only using vinal siding instead of metal. Thanks for the input.
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    The political genius of Donald Trump

    My feelings also. It is sad, and telling, that so many still support him.
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    Composite decking

    We are going to replace our wooden deck and are looking at Trex and some of the other composites. We also want to make it fairly water proof so we can store stuff underneath. Trex has a material that is underneath the decking that channels the water away from the deck. Has anyone tried this or...
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    When Drumpf Loses his Re-election what will November 3rd to January 20th be like?

    I used to think they would have to drag Trump out of the WH in January, but now, I agree with you. I think he will head to Florida to play golf, and of course, tweet a bunch of stuff about how he was robbed of the election. Regarless, I am guessing that Malania will leave the WH shortly after...
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    Why Florida’s cases are going up but deaths are dropping

    Pretty much my thoughts also. The other thing is that they are getting better at treating people with major symptoms. If I were to get the virus today, I feel much better about my chance of surviving than I did 2 - 3 months ago. However, I am still trying to be cautious and not get it until they...
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    Should we be worried about Trump's health

    I agree. As for his physical condition, I think he may have a back issue, something like strained muscles or a pinched nerve. I'm guessing it comes and goes, depending on things like playing golf. If that is the case, he would be better off just being truthful (many younger people have back...
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    Please read and advise me of your opinion.

    I don't like the term either. To me, the bigger issue is the biases we all carry with us. We have all been treated differently at times in our lives because of the color of our skin, gender, religious beliefs, income, beauty, weight, intelligence, athletic ability, etc. Here are some examples of...
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    Send in the Marines

    Yes, I guess it bothers you to face reality. Way to keep your head in the sand and keep defending Trump and his administration no matter how damaging his words/actions are to this country. You are really one sad, pathetic individual (or are you a Russian bot?).
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    Looks like Chauvin and Floyd did have a past

    I agree. Also, what about the 3 cops who were there and did nothing to stop Chauvin?
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    Biden’s Advice To Curb Police Killings: ‘Shoot ’Em In The Leg Instead Of The Heart’

    While you are basically correct, this is definitely the "lessor of two evils" situation. While Biden is not a good candidate, I do not consider him a bad one. Trump is simply horrible. I will be voting for Biden to help ensure that we do not have 4 more years of Trump.
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    POLL: ANTIFA - Good Guys or Bad Guys?

    I was on the fence too and went with 6. While I know they have been responsible for some needless and excessive violence, I think it has not been as bad as some on the right make it out to be. Question, has Antifa been responsible for killing someone?
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    I was thinkin....

    Yes, I was looking forward to seeing my Noles play in the final game against you guys (well, it probably would have been against someone else, and to be honest, probably not my Noles either, but it is fun to dream). Here's hoping we have a football season!
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    Happy Friday!!

    Is it Friday yet?
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    Let's start this week off on a good note!

    Hump day bump.
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    POLL: Was It a Photo Op?

    I can't argue with this.
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    Is Trump the Least Competent President In US History?

    Definitely during my lifetime (I am 62).
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    Fauci says his meetings with Trump have dramatically decreased

    I am not sure what you mean by "involved in the development of a vaccine". There are dozens of companies/researchers around the world working on a vaccine. When a vaccine is developed, you can be sure that Trump will claim the hero status.
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    Is this a racial issue or more about inequity generally?

    Well said. While I believe that the vast majority of cops are good people who are trying to do the right thing, LE needs to do a better job of weeding out the bad cops that are out there. The cop that did the killing was a bad person, but the cops that were there and did not do anything to...