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  1. hawkfan0319

    Just returned from a tour of Adams (Pa.) County......

    You are correct on Gettysburg. The York area is a hole. Very racist area as well. They should have been on the other side of the Mason-Dixon line. Lived in that area for almost 2 years. Ugh.
  2. hawkfan0319

    Just returned from a tour of Adams (Pa.) County......

    Not sure where Adams county is located, but if you are anywhere near York, PA then yes. That area sucks.
  3. hawkfan0319

    Trump to send $200 'Drug Gift Cards' to Seniors

    The same place the money for the wall is coming from.
  4. hawkfan0319

    Melania Trump is just another hypocrite

    Ding ding ding. We have the winner. 1000% agreed.
  5. hawkfan0319

    *****Official Cubs 2020 thread*****

    Just means others have to get on base 😉
  6. hawkfan0319

    Grassley says position on Supreme Court is not 'hypocritical'

    Term-limits and age-limits.
  7. hawkfan0319

    Vetting the Justice

    Try not to cry on Nov 4 if Trump loses.
  8. hawkfan0319

    Vetting the Justice

    So in this, you are saying the Garland confirmation should have been brought to the floor of the Senate. And you are contradicting your own post. You originally claimed that it has happened multiple times that a hearing has been postponed because of an election year. So again, please list where...
  9. hawkfan0319

    Vetting the Justice

    Please listen the times it has happened because it was an election year?
  10. hawkfan0319

    Vetting the Justice

    Did you feel this way in 2016 when Obama nominated Garland and Mitch held up the process?
  11. hawkfan0319

    Moving on a Supreme Nominee

    So you were upset when Mitch held up the Garland confirmation?
  12. hawkfan0319

    I'm not saying Stanley should ever see the field....

    He barely moved on the last play. You can't take a sack on 4th down.
  13. hawkfan0319

    I'm not saying Stanley should ever see the field....

    He still should have at least thrown it up. He looked like a deer in headlights staring at the defender the entire way.
  14. hawkfan0319

    Payroll Tax Deferral

    Congress will not forgive it. It will be after the election so they won't have to answer to anyone.
  15. hawkfan0319

    Flu shot

    Nat gets called a russian bot a lot around here.
  16. hawkfan0319

    Flu shot

    If you were Russian, would you take any type of shot with Putin in charge?
  17. hawkfan0319

    Trump assassination attempt

    Trump will put a name to this. Probably an Amazon package.
  18. hawkfan0319

    Norvell Tests Positive for Covid-19

    First Seminole to catch anything all year? J/k Noles.
  19. hawkfan0319

    Graham says he'd hold Supreme Court seat open if there is a vacancy in last year of Trump's term

    Key words "after the election". If Trump loses, they will jam a vote through before Bien takes office.
  20. hawkfan0319

    Pence's former lead Covid Staffer with a message

    Will Pence play the "hardly knew her" card?