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    Oct. 24th start date?

    I'd guess he says that every single year 3-4 weeks before play starts.
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    Oct. 24th start date?

    Maybe for full contact, but I'm pretty sure they have continued the strength & conditioning components other than the 1 week they shut down due to high positive case counts.
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    B1G Football is BACK! 9 (8+1) Games in 9 Week Window w/ Oct 23/24 Start Date, which is Crucial w/ Dec 19 B1G Title Game & CFP Teams Revealed Dec 20

    Why would these conferences be contracting for rapid antigen tests when they won't show active infections?
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    B10 Restart Update (Wed)...confirmed source in this thread...

    Yep, we already know there are significant long term impacts from a virus that has been around for months, not years.... Got it.
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    Dillon Doyle

    It would be horrible to use COVID to push your own political agenda. I'm sure you'd agree wholeheartedly with that, right? <insert sarcasm>
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    If the UNI game, had been played............

    Nah, Nate graduated.
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    Rumors of October Start

    You do realize that by Dec. 1 there are no longer "campaigns", right? The election will have been almost a month prior.
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    Rumors of October Start

    Even a blind squirrel..........
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    what's the point of huge engines on bass boats?

    Rookie, I have a 1962 Johnson Seahorse 5.5HP!
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    Two food items that might help you guys.

    Nope, not at all. This may come as a shock, and I hope it doesn't damage your fragile ego, but you and honestly the vast majority of HROT are nothing more than a source of entertainment for me.
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    Two food items that might help you guys.

    You forgot pompous, self-absorbed ass who likes to read stuff on the Internet and argue with people.
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    At least in my experience, you'd overdo it on the salt aspect before the zippiness.
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    A guy walks into a bar...

    Giving a like if for nothing else for starting a non-political post.
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    Mason City recognized as a finalist for All-America City Award

    Mccloskey Appliance can stay, have had good luck with them.
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    He's here now, shingling my roof.
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    Des Moines storm (also some Iowa towns of less importance with worse pizza)

    Correct, with a 240V breaker on each end.
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    Des Moines storm (also some Iowa towns of less importance with worse pizza)

    12 ga extension cord up to 100' will handle 15 amps.,is%20rated%20for%2012.5%20amps.&text=The%20extension%20cord%20must%20be%20rated%20for%2015.63%20amps%20or%20more.