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  1. ggmike1992

    SpaceX launch of US Astronauts from US soil

    More like 60% from what I heard yesterday.
  2. ggmike1992

    How was your Memorial Day?

    Warm-ish up here in WV. Near 90. I did a few hours of yard work in the morning and met some friends for beer and darts in the evening. Grilled a couple of filets in-between. A nice relaxing day.
  3. ggmike1992

    Sourdough Bread

    You know how I know you’re gay.....
  4. ggmike1992

    Would you go to a casino?

    We’ve got some comped rooms at the Aria booked for January. Assuming all this passes, we’ll be there as planned.
  5. ggmike1992

    Which song sucks a bigger one: Hotel California or American Pie?

    Given the choice between your 5 worst and your 10 best, I’d take your 5 worse.
  6. ggmike1992

    8 Values Political Test

    Yet you included no pics. Shame on you.
  7. ggmike1992

    8 Values Political Test

    Right wing populism checking in here (leans toward markets, nation, authority (which I don’t really) and tradition.
  8. ggmike1992

    Summer has started in Tallahassee

    I retired and moved to a cooler climate. Now I’m moving back after a year and a half. Just wasn’t what I thought it was gonna be.
  9. ggmike1992

    Moderately drinking

    Sounds like a day well spent.
  10. ggmike1992

    Jenny McCarthy

    I’d even go in for thirds :D
  11. ggmike1992

    Moderately drinking

    Had three beers while slinging paint today.
  12. ggmike1992

    Jenny McCarthy

    Still wood :D
  13. ggmike1992

    Brandy Old Fashioned

  14. ggmike1992

    Anybody Still Planning To Take A Summer Vacation?

    Going on 2 years retired myself. It’s a pretty sweet gig. That being said, I did retire relatively young (51) so I’m getting the itch to go back to work. Not for the money but more for something to do. Got my sights set on an OPS position with the State of Florida once I get resettled down there.
  15. ggmike1992

    Anybody Still Planning To Take A Summer Vacation?

    I’m currently getting my move from WV to FL all worked out so there might not be much going on except for that. I do plan to get in a few moto-camping trips whenever Mother Nature can string together a few days of decent weather.
  16. ggmike1992

    DiCaprio vs Hanks , who ya got?

    I just looked at Hanks’ filmography and didn’t see in anything in which he played a foul-mouthed character. How would he fit into a Tarentino film? Not sure I can see him in a role like that.
  17. ggmike1992


    I just started The Wire and it did not hold my interest past four or five episodes. What am I missing?
  18. ggmike1992

    A or B?

  19. ggmike1992

    DiCaprio vs Hanks , who ya got?

    I just re-watched Road to Perdition a few weeks ago. What a fantastic movie. Glad to see it get some love in this thread.
  20. ggmike1992

    A or B?

    Peanut M&Ms all day every day over Reese’s Pieces. Now Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is an entirely different matter.