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    Results are expected next week. I read that from a google search. As of now, no results have been recorded.
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    Conservative media downplayed the virus

    Wasn’t Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff and all the Dems in front of a camera each and every day and night During the Trump impeachment trial? When was the word Coronavirus mentioned by any of them? They had the entire Country listening every night on all the major networks. They’re a bunch of...
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    CEO of hospital group today

    I just wish the people who have all the 20/20 hindsight were running the country. All of these corona19 issues would be behind us by now. Except in NY, where they Don’t know why the numbers go up then down. Flat today, spike tomorrow.
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    If Smith, Bono, Sanderson, Ryan etc.

    Sorry no one wins. No National Champions in men’s or women’s basketball, swimming, lacrosse, Wrestling, softball, baseball, and any of the others. Unfortunate, but our new reality in 2020.
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    btn showing wrestling all day

    Also, at 5:00pm cdt is the psu @ IOWA dual meet from 1/31/2020.
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    Clayborn Picked Up

    Congrats Adrian. Going into his 10th NFL season. Good Luck with the Brownie!!
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    You Guys Still Making Summer Vacation Plans?

    My wife and her 3 sisters were going to Northern Italy in June. Its canceled. Maybe next year, yet to be Determined. They had the trip insured.
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    40 years ago. March 16, 1980. The best 3 point play in Iowa men's basketball history.

    I was a frosh in Burge at the time. When the game ended, it was still daylight. The dorms, frats, Sororities all college student housing, poured into the streets, heading to the Pentacrest. Everyone was going crazy, no one knew what to do or where to go. Back then bars were not allowed open...
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    Marinelli Seed at Nat's

    Who’s Griffith? Where does he wrestle?
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    Luka Garza....

    Luka is on the front page of the USAToday sports page today.. Way to go Luka!!!!
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    Gable just suggested on the pre-game, he may not have started at 125. Do you agree?
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    John Andretti dead at the age of 56

    Get to your doctor, if you’re 50 or over for a colonoscopy People!! This is preventable or it Can be fatal. Diagnosed at 53/54 in this case, gone by 56.
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    Iowa women up at half

    Hawks win 77-66. Not a typo.
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    Iowa women up at half

    66-46 Hawks, end of third qtr.
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    Lost Team Point

    I’m sure it’s a coaches for cancer tennis shoes kinda thing.
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    tOSU @ Iowa PBP Thread

    DeSanto was a cat playing with a mouse.