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  1. rolfey

    Check in here if DirecTV just gave you Sunday Ticket for free...

    Heard a rumor that this was the last year of their contract with the NFL. Need lots of subscribers if they want the NFL to renew which may be the reason they are giving it away.
  2. rolfey

    Debate Moderators Named

    Wallace has the most punch-able face of the group. Actually he is the journalist with the most punch-able face.
  3. rolfey

    Rules are for the little people

    Agree with your first part but this wasn't a mistake where she didn't know what she was doing. She knew what she was doing and that it was wrong. She just thinks the rules don't apply to her.
  4. rolfey

    Linn Mar athletics ban IC school parents

    Do we know if the ICCSD contacted Linn-Mar asking them to do this or did Linn-Mar just want to stick it to the IC parents?
  5. rolfey

    So covid is safe for kids?? Ok kimmy

    More idiot doctors I suppose.
  6. rolfey

    ISU smacks down liberal professor

    How tolerant of her.
  7. rolfey

    Teachers protesting school openings are saying, "We're not essential."

    My wife is a teacher and she wants to get back to the class. She is worried about the kids that will not be able to do remote learning.
  8. rolfey

    Jeep Gear Ratio Question

    Love the 51. My Dad purchased a 52. We had a lot of fun with it. My brother has since restored it. It looks great. I have an 02 right now with 33s. My gear ratio is still stock which isn't the best but haven't wanted to spend the money to modify.
  9. rolfey

    America's Frontline Doctors Summit

    What scares me most is that Twitter, facebook, youtube have all pulled down the video. The company those hosts their site has also taken it down. Regardless of what you think of the doctors that should not happen in this country.
  10. rolfey

    Iowa City School District

    Do you consider the American Academy of Pediatrics to be experts? CDC? Both said kids should be back in school.
  11. rolfey

    Iowa City School District

    If you read the report only about 6 of teachers and 8% of parents are not comfortable. The remainder are unsure.
  12. rolfey

    Iowa City School District

    Here is a link for the "Return to Learn" survey that was sent to all ICCSD parents/teachers. Nearly 60% of teachers/parents are comfortable returning to school.
  13. rolfey

    Children rarely transmit Covid-19

    Politicians may be partially to blame but the experts (Fauci, CDC and WHO) all said that masks were ineffective and not to wear them. They later reversed their recommendation.
  14. rolfey

    Poll: Bubba Wallace

    This is the part that gets me. They could have looked at the other doors and realized they all had it. I suspect they did but went with the story anyway. Total garbage.
  15. rolfey

    Why didn’t anyone ask directly about Brian and Seth Wallace?

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  16. rolfey

    HBO Max pulls 'Gone With the Wind,' says it will return with statement on race

    "This business will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it."
  17. rolfey

    Georgia GOP’s New Poll Tax

    There was a clip about this on CNN. Cuomo trying to blame the Georgia head of elections. The elections guy says the areas that had the most trouble were run by Democrats even though everyone got the same training/resources. Will try to find the clip
  18. rolfey

    Kum & Go

    Squirt & Scram Jizz & Jog
  19. rolfey

    Current player tweets

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  20. rolfey

    Current player tweets

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