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    Chauncey replaces AJE ??

    Was wondering if anything had come up about Lorbeck, as he’s been in a lot of these pictures.
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    Friday 9/25 Practice Photos

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    Tuesday Practice Photos

    There has been several guys not in pictures, don’t think it’s anything to worry about at this point.
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    3* TE James Carnie (Decommits from Miami-OH on Sep 12), 4* RB Audric Estime, 3* RB Jaylin White --2021 Out of State Offers

    Yeah, DeJean just posted the same graphic. But this isn't the first Iowa graphic Carnie has posted and I'm not seeing the same kinda posts for other schools. He's obviously waiting for something, and the longer it goes on the longer I wonder if he's waiting for a Nebraska offer, but for the time...
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    3* TE James Carnie (Decommits from Miami-OH on Sep 12), 4* RB Audric Estime, 3* RB Jaylin White --2021 Out of State Offers

    Not surprised, I remember his dad grew up in Iowa and said in an interview after he got the offer that Iowa was his dream school growing up. Obviously things an change but that doesn't hurt. It seems like he is a little higher ranked than his TE teammate that also got an offer in the same class...
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    I always really liked Miamen's film and was wondering if it would translate. Seemed he had been much more a receiving TE before coming in so maybe needs to learn the blocking portion? He seems to be really athletic, so hopefully it's just a matter of learning the position before he really takes...
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    Monday Practice Photos

    #82 Calvin Lockett would be my guess
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    Abilene Christian

    11 carries for 18 yards
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    Iowa’s roster has Cronk at 6’5” 305 and Kallenberger at 6’5” 290 so there isn’t too much difference, Mark just hasn’t filled out as much yet.
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    official schedule release

    I mean...every team is scheduled to play a ninth game that week so why not?
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    He has a great goatee.
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    Why take the time to be a dick about spelling and not even correct all the errors?
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    9/19 Games

    QB Gabriel for UCF is pretty impressive.
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    Abilene Christian

    Plays their first game tonight. Anyone know if Mansell will be the starting QB? Might by fun to check out given the lack of other good games to watch.
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    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    His decision just became a lot more interesting! Sounds like he has stayed enrolled and never signed with an agent so one would think it would essentially be up to him if he plays or not.
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    Xavier Nwankpa

    Just needed to hit him lower and that’s a great play!
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    Friday Practice Photos

    The trick is to take out your tampon.
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    Friday Practice Photos

    Was hoping to catch a glimpse of Djimon.
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    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    Good question. I saw it mentioned Bateman is enrolled for the fall semester.
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    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    Sounds like Bateman wants to come back and play for Minnesota despite signing with an agent. Some other guys who previously withdrew to prep for the draft might also want back in? Sounds like they will need NCAA clearance to do so. What do people think about giving them another chance since 2020...