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    Hilton Magic?

    Clowns lol.
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    Iowa-OSU B1G opener

    Way to go Hawkeyes!!!!
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    Jeb Bush Rules Out Running for President

    Odummy has spent most of his presidency blaming Bush for everything. Can you imagine the friggin mess the next president will face? God forbid it's not Hillary. But i have no confidence in the voters anymore. They proved how stupid they are by electing that dumbass Barry a second time.
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    Tom Dienhart Q&A with Kirk Ferentz

    Better stick to cock fighting eddie!
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    Tom Dienhart Q&A with Kirk Ferentz

    So you are saying they hire you?
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    Iowa State Offers Iowa City West's Devontae Lane

    They better hope Fred doesn't step down. If he does ISU women's basketball will be their best athletic program again as it was before the mayor got there.
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    Willies to Missouri

    Eddie and Makeachange might be the same person. No two people could possibly be that stupid.
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    WHAT IF i'm right and...

    And if they start 2-0 maybe some of the morons will go away.
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    So the op dumbass didn't even know who the color man was lol. Idiots abound here.
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    WHAT IF i'm right and...

    You give new meaning to the term dumbass!!!
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    WHAT IF i'm right and...

    Ill. State graduated 8 seniors on defense and 12 on offense plus their punter and kicker. Not all were starters but next year will be a predominately soph, junior team. Maybe you should do a little research before you spout your usual bs.
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    Is Iowa recruiting: the land of misfit toys?

    I can only imagine that if you ever make an intelligent comment we will all be shocked. :D
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    Is his Hayden Fry's..oops KF last year...

    It won't be his last year unless he wants it to be and Iowa will win at least 8 games. Sorry to deflate your bubble you two negative nellies that constantly post gibberish.
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    Phone call from Barta

    This is not new. They did this last year also.
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    Minnesota at Iowa and Pittsburgh at Iowa set for 7:00 p.m. Kickoff!

    Re: Minnesota at Iowa and Pittsburgh at Iowa set for 7:00 p.m. Kickof Iowa will already have 6 or 7 wins by then. What you gonna bitch about then?
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    How proud is Paul Rhoads of his son

    Tell us something we didn't know.
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    Could this be the weakest field effort since 2000?

    Come back when you have something intelligent to say. My guess is that will be never.