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    Freedom of Movement

    Well, if its not going to be called. Then we need to do it too. How else can you explain a team like Wiscy that consistently places 4th of better in the BIG for the last 20 years. We have comparable if not better talent.
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    ****Iowa @ Illinois Game Thread****

    He got away with a blatant elbow to Garzas back as he beat him to the basket which resulted in a missed shot and Garza on the floor while the refs let play on.luckily Illiwini didn't score. But WTF
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    ****Iowa @ Illinois Game Thread****

    MIA again Joe W.. thankfully other players stepped up. Proud of the way the Hawks fought back. Please everyone come back and win a BIG title.
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    Thinking Ahead: Who would you like to avoid/or play in the tournament

    Wish I could agree,but I want nothing to do with Purdue. We don't match up well and they know how to beat the livin shiiit out of us.
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    Josh Ogundele update

    Heyba manna ba. I get what yuba throwin downa ba.
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    Preparing myself to be pissed off.

    What else is new. ESPN tipping the scales in favor of their favorite flavor.
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    Garza: "I don't think the effort was there."

    Joe pisses me off. He reminds me of Uthoff. Very good player. But too nice. Plays with little emotion or afraid to show it. If he wants to play the NBA,he better hit the weight room and eat red meat.
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    Did the game at the Palestra cost Iowa a chance at a reg season B1G Championship?

    That Nebby game will cost the Hawks a double bye in the BIG tourney. I think we still lose to PSU at State college. But we wouldn't have been gassed for the Nebby game. But who could have dreamed Iowa would be this good after the Depaul game. And losing JBo for the season. Thanks to Garza...
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    This year's ceiling

    Thankyou Luka Garza and his Dad for one of the best season performances by an Iowa player since?
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    Best Carver crowd of the season?

    Alot of fans showing up fired up that normally don't go. Garza is worth seeing alone. I wish Iowa would host some preseason games in Des Moines and the Mark. They would be sellouts and energetic crowds.
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    Garza's Competition For POY

    Izzo's stragey will be to have a conversation with the refs to make sure Luka gets 2 fouls early and has to sit, then 2 more to start the half so he can only play 10 minutes.
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    Cordell Pemsl

    Easily his best game of this year. I would argue that his game last year against ISU was better.
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    **** Hawks @ Boilers Game Thread****

    Balde threw the BB right at Pemsyls face.WTF was that
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    Hawks gonna need to win 7 of the final 9

    I don't see us winning any road games except maybe Minnie. We have been in dog fights at home and got alot of calls(normal for home teams) which we won't get on the road. Love the fight in this team. Just want to get a decent seed and hope for the best.
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    Hawks #17 in ESPN Power Rankings

    where Hawkeye Elvis?
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    OT: whose the toughest Hawkeye FB player of all time?

    Agreed.pound for pound I never saw an Iowa fb player like him. Had he'd been a DB,everyone would be comparing Bob Sanders to him.
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    We need everyone to come back next year

    This would be Nunge Jr year had he not redshirted..he looked as lost in his short time as he did as a FR.. I hope I'm wrong.
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    JW shots blocked

    This is an aspect of the game he needs to work on. He needs to be stronger with the ball and dunk it. He'll at least draw the foul. But he is in love with using the backboard.
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    We need everyone to come back next year

    Isn't that the team that was ranked 1st for short while. That team was stacked.. If we can reach a #1 ranking.I'll agree.
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    We need everyone to come back next year

    Garzas dad should be hired as an off season big man consultant. I have been less than impressed with Nunge and doubt he can ever be the player that Kreiner is.